The Optomate Touch Banking facility enables you to produce a bank deposit slip, produce a report of the days takings and mark receipts as banked.

Prior to running a Banking procedure you should ensure that you have entered your banking details in the Branch setup. In Branch Setup, click on the Banking tab and enter your Account Name, BSB and Account Number. If you have a separate bank account for your Consulting and Dispensing businesses you can enter different bank details here.

To run a Banking procedure click on the Banking tile on the main menu.

You can enter In or Out Transactions prior to running the Banking procedure by clicking on the “Process Transaction” button in the Banking Toolbar.

To setup an item in order to process Banking Transactions click on Banking Items under the Setup Menu. A Banking Item might be something such as “Milk”. You can then process an “Out” Banking Transaction in order to record that $x was removed from the till for a Milk purchase.

You can choose to bank all of your receipts since the last time you banked, or you can process cash & cheques only or non-cash/cheques receipts only.

When you close the Banking procedure you will be prompted to “Clear Banking?”. Note that once a receipt has been marked as Banked it cannot be reversed. Once cleared, the system will store a Banking PDF file in the Optomate Touch Documents folder in a Banking sub-folder. You can view prior PDF’s by clicking on the “Previous Banking PDF” button on the Banking toolbar.


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Evelyn Lee wrote: Apr 21, 2020

Can anyone show me how to enter petty cash?