Prior to entering appointments you must setup your Appointment Types by clicking on the Appt Types tile.

Once you have entered all of your appointment types you must then enter default appointment start and end times for each of the Users that you wish to be included on the Appointment Book. Click on the Users tile on the main menu to update user information.

Open each user, click on the Appointments tab and enter their default start & end times and default appointment type times. Also ensure that under the General tab that the “[ ] Include on Appointment Book” option is ticked. You can now enter appointments in the appointment book.

To add a new Patient Appointment, either double-click on the appointment cell or highlight the cell and click the New Patient Appt button in the top toolbar.

To add a break click the New Break button and to add a Sales Representative Appointment click the New Sales Rep button.

To amend the schedule for an optometrist for a given day, click on the small calendar button at the far right of the status toolbar.

You can manually apply a status to an appointment cell by clicking on the buttons above.

  • Tick = Confirmed
  • Clock = Waiting Room
  • Red/Blue = Pre-Test
  • Blue/Green = Consulting
  • Dropper = Dilating
  • Door = Complete
  • Red Dash = Cancelled
  • Cross = No Show
  • Arrow = Reset


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