Optomate Touch Release 1.8.0 and above supports an API (Application Programming Interface) allowing you, as the Practice Owner, the ability to provide third parties with specific access to your database.

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You control access to your database via the API in Setup>System Settings.

Click on the “API Access” tab in System Settings and add a new Username. Under the Username you can tick the appropriate resource this user may access. This username will be required by your third party developer in order to gain access to the Optomate database. Whenever the third party writes or edits data, Optomate will store their username in the associated Optomate database record.

Read = user may read records. NB: if you grant read access to a table, such as Patients, that user can read all patient records.
Create = user may insert new records.
Update = user may update/change current records.

When highlighting a resource you may see Read Conditions at the bottom of the screen. For example, if you click the Patients resource, you will see an option to restrict the API to only expose some patient fields. If you choose the Patients resource and do not impose the restriction below, then the API will expose all patient fields.


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