The Adjust Patient Invoice facility allows you to make amendments to Institution Invoice Items that have not been Batched. Click on Adjust Patient Invoices at the top of the Institutions Menu.

You will be prompted to enter an Institution and date range. The system will automatically insert a From & To date based on the oldest and latest Invoice outstanding for that Institution & Branch.

Click OK to view all Invoice Items outstanding for that Institution & Branch.

You can change an Invoice Items Billing Code, Institution or Amount by clicking in the “New Code”, “New Institution” or “New Amount” columns.

When clicking in the New Code or New Institution Columns you will see an ellipse button […]. This allows you to browse for alternate Codes or Institutions. Note that you cannot change the Amount alone, you must change either the Code or Institution in order to amend the Amount.

Once you have made your changes, click the OK button to Save changes.


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