2021 Oct

  • [INTERNAL] : Add Wingtra Logo in Key Partners page.
  • [INTERNAL] : geoReverse (locationIQ) : change the condition triggering the geoReverse api call when inserting / updating a flight.
  • [INTERNAL] Private Label: add server configuration for use of private airspace provider API key (ALTITUDE_ANGEL, OneDrone by example).
  • A customer can be archived.
  • Add Astra logo to partner page.
  • Add new connector to DLB Sync : UgCS DJI Log importer.
  • Add Simnet log import support.
  • AirspaceLink LAANC : send current user timezone.
  • CASA Risk Assessment template is also available for CAA users. An ID column has been added.
  • Checklist, RiskAssessment and Custom forms PDF generation: add the doc Reference number (or internal unique doc identifier if empty) in the PDF footer (For compliance purpose).
  • DJI parser battery detection update.
  • Document can be locked. Edition, Upload new version or deletion are then blocked. Org administrator (or PL Admin) can unlock a locked document.
  • Document Upload: allow KML/KMZ file types.
  • Drone Detail screen: Add latest inspection actions in attachments block.
  • Drone inspections detail page: a document can be upload and inspection custom forms added to an inspection task.
  • Fix an issue with DJI Battery auto-detection.
  • Fix an issue with Sunset time calculation.
  • Fix issue in Flight Area KML export (color not correctly exported).
  • Fix Mobile Sync Webservice so a mission is correctly finalised from the mobile ops. (FlightDao->insertOrUpdate)
  • improve Wingtra ULG log importer (filter bad GPS points).
  • Maintenance / Scheduled : fix issue when accessing page.
  • Maintenance list: show Completed maintenance with Next Task overdue, in the Overdue Tab.
  • Manual Import : auto-create drone and battery.
  • Manual Log Importer: fix an issue with multiple log upload, where the flight date/time needs to be read from log file name.
  • Merge Flight With Telemetry screen : add a new feature to facilitate merge of telemetry data to manual entry flights.
  • Mission Detail page: add Flight Area KML export.
  • Multiple Manual Importers: if a log import has been detected as Duplicate (already imported) : display the existing flight in the flight summary table.
  • New “Astra Tracker CSV” importer.
  • New Custom Form Template for Inspection scope can now be created.
  • New Custom Form Template for Personnel scope can now be created.
  • Plan Mission edit : Fix an issue with the Get Kit Popup not displayed correctly.
  • Private Label : When a flight is deleted from Flight Simplified-Add screen, a Justification needs to be entered.
  • Private Label: add new server configuration parameters to force set of Drone brand/model, Legal Id and Serial Number.
  • Private Label: Organization can be archived. All shared restrictions data and user multi-access related to this org will be definitively removed. The organization can be un-archived afterwards.
  • PrivateLabel Notifications: “Battery not used in X days” take in consideration battery Charge.
  • PrivateLabel: Add a new role “Notification Receiver”. Daily notifications are sent to these role users as well.
  • PrivateLabel: Org Personnel screen, latest org filter is kept as cookie, to pre-set this filter in further page visit.
  • Settings / Videos : Add new mobile videos and PL Ops videos.
  • Settings : fix an issue where Auto-creation options were not saved properly.
  • Settings: Add a new setting to hide Training Modules button.
  • ULG Log importer : rror messages update.
  • ULG log upload webservice available.
  • User Profile and Subscription popup: Add text info.
  • Wingtra parser: add battery smart smart cycles count.


  • Fixed Tours icon is almost completely on top of the notification icon
  • Made serial number and brand shall be mandatory when adding a drone

2021 Sept

  • Add a new server config param to set Drone as not mandatory in Flight/Mission edition screen (for Teck). ( envConfig->APP_SETTINGS : “flight_droneNotMandatory”: “1” )
  • Add Build version in the Settings screens and footer.
  • Add new personnel right: “Digital Form / Add-Edit” (checklist, risk assessment, custom forms).
  • Add new personnel right: “Inspection / Complete”, if this right is not set, user can not enter new or edit inspection tasks.
  • AirspaceLink Web LAANC (beta test).
  • Astra: fix an issue where the shape type was not sent correctly for Waypoint shape.
  • CSV Export: default delimiter is “,”.
  • CSV report with Date Period Filter: if no end date entered in the export filter, default is today.
  • DJI Cloud Sync: when using a shared account and enabling the rule “Set Me As Pilot” : this rule overwrite Setting “Set Pilot As Drone Owner”.
  • Fix an issue when a user document was not able to be added when user timezone was empty.
  • Fix Flight detail standard print.
  • Flight List : Add Landings # filter.
  • Importers: manage multiple batteries.
  • Improve look&feel of disabled checkboxes.
  • Left panel user avatar : display a yellow border around avatar if Org Admin right.
  • Login page: stop animation on particle canvas.
  • Mission / Flight Clone: set the creator of cloned mission to the logged-in user.
  • Mission Completion: when a mission is completed with no flight appended: the user can decide to convert the mission to a flight.
  • Mission PDF Report: fix a crash with some PDF attachments (with a PDF compression not supported).
  • Ops Custom Flights CSV Export: Add Pilot filter.
  • Person Detail page: User or org admin can add new document for this user.
  • Private Label : when a flight is deleted, a Justification needs to be entered. The notes can be seen afterwards from the Master Admin Console / Deleted flights report.
  • Private Label: Add a new screen listing all Mission Requests submitted.
  • PrivateLabel : Settings & Support page contains now video tutorials.
  • PrivateLabel Notification : For “Drone Components with inspection replacement overdue” and “Drones with inspection overdue” notifications, you can now set the trigger value : overdue, 10% before overdue or 20% before overdue.
  • PrivateLabel Notification : Pilot currency is not triggered on flight count and flying hours. “Pilot has flown less than X flights or Y flying hours within last Z days”.
  • PrivateLabel Personnel Rights box: fix checkboxes layout.
  • PrivateLabel Settings : organize general settings under tabs.
  • PrivateLabel: Add CSV Personnel export in the Data Export page as well.
  • PrivateLabel: Change wording of Message channel ‘Organizations Personnel’.
  • Public servers / Settings: in Video links, add Inspections videos.
  • Round flight altitude values with no decimal (detail, edit and notification settings), for imperial/metric conversion.
  • Skill Matrix: hide archived personnel.
  • Skill Matrix: Skill with expiration set, has a green border.
  • User Profile : Add information text about the use of roles (Pilot and Chief Remote Pilot).
  • User profile: Timezone is mandatory.
  • CSV Export: default delimiter is “,”. Change the label Separator to Delimiter.
  • Date can entered manually in Flight/Mission/incident edition screens.
  • Drone is not mandatory in Flight/mission edition screen.
  • Improve look&feel of disabled checkboxes.
  • PrivateLabel: Add CSV Personnel export in the Data Export page as well.
  • Skill Matrix: hide archived personnel.


  • Fixed issue with Airspace Layer Eastern Canada

2021 August

Platform Updates

  • Mission/Flight edition screen: hide Add Drone button if connected user don’t have this right
  • Fix formatting of External mission request data sent by email
  • Pilot Summary report : add figure tables for the selected period (Flights per Flight Types, Flight Ops, Role)
  • CSV export: default separator is ;
  • Drone record: add free text Tags and a “Loaner Drone” checkbox. Loaner drone information is displayed in the mission approval request email
  • Flight Custom CSV export: fix an issue in the export format
  • Incident entry screen: add link to Nasa ASRS form
  • Add Custom Actions table. Used for custom PL notifications or webhook
  • New webservice to expose Flight data plan areas as WFS GeoJson format (SFWMD SOW)
  • Rename “Add Basic Document” button to “Upload Document”
  • Flight List: Reorganize import-status actions
  • Private Label: Map location can be default to a custom position
  • Quick access to CSV mass-import screens from drone/battery/equipment/customer list screens
  • Rename “Solo Flight” to “Single Person Flight”
  • Flight Mass-edit screen: can mass-update “Single Person Flight” flag
  • Drone / battery / equipment edition popup are now organized under tabs
  • In Mission/Flight edition screen, add a switch-to-next-tab button at the bottom of the form
  • Personnel list : on a PL the ops personnel screen charts were displaying all orgs scores
  • Inspection Action: if a part is replaced and the new serial number is left empty: reset the part serial number
  • Complete Mission: keep personnel info from the telemetry flight
  • WFS webservice : flight area shape, fox centroid lat/lon values
  • Fixed When editing a planned mission, sometimes the flight type was overwritten with default value
  • Private Label: fix an issue with the seats used number
  • Flight Mass-update: Fix an issue when updating Personnel and some roles may be reset.
  • Fixed Lat/Long are in the wrong format when saving BVLOS flight
  • Fixed an issue with FAB/Data not populating when a polygon is drawn
  • Fixed an issue where APIs were causing some BVLOS planning flights to freeze
  • Added the ability to generate and add NOTAM data to the Site Assessment PDF
  • Added LAANC Auth number to Flight UTM Authorization Record
  • Added Matrix for Approved Drone Use
  • Fixed an issue where the FAB would not generate properly if the battery endurance was not set up correctly
  • Fixed an issue where some FAB lines did not display adjacent airspace correctly
  • Established an integration between FLYSAFE and ASTRA
  • Fixed an issue where negative value distances were generated when completing a site assessment
  • Added an Integration Hub display which can be viewed by Customers
  • Added the functionality to include all airports in the FAB/FLA
  • Added the ability to import a Mission Planner Waypoint File for BVLOS planning
  • Fixed an issue where a BVLOS mission would not save properly
  • Fixed an issue where a user is unable to select an available Kit via the Kit dialog box
  • Fixed an issue where some altitude filtering was not displaying properly

FS Map Updates

  • Added the ability to export a KML file of the polygon area
  • Fixed an issue where some NOTAM and Site Assessment PDF’s were not working
  • Added the ability to draw a polyline for BVLOS planning
  • Fixed an issue where a user was unable to delete a polygon
  • Fixed an issue where a wrong altitude was generated on KML export
  • Added functionality to save Airborne RF cellular assessment KML
  • Fixed a bug relating to the Address Search bar not working

Mobile Updates

  • Fixed an issue were the FLYsafe app would freeze on a white screen
  • Added the ability to attach and view Site Assessment PDF on the Mobile App
  • Fixed an issue where the Lat/Long search resulted in the wrong location
  • Added the ability to view ATF frequencies while flight planning and in the Site Assessment PDF
  • Fixed an issue where the Emergency Procedure text was formatted wrong
  • Added the updated AirMarket and FLYsafe branding to the mobile app

2021 April

Platform Updates

  • Fixed Auto save map/FAB refresh bug (web)
  • Add Flight Types to drop down list
  • Fixed FLA radius bug
  • Organizational drop down menu refresh
  • Project/Customer now Auto Refreshes for Missions and Flights
  • Fixed the Add Location Dialogue Box for User Input
  • Add Visibility in Multiple Places (Web)
  • Delete button is now working on already drawn flight
  • Fixed Polygon Bug after using the Delete Button
  • Weather now shows Location for clarification

FS Map Updates

  • Added MGRS Information
  • Added Degrees, min, sec information
  • Site Assessment data FAB radius not displaying correctly issue: 5 km showing as 20
  • Fixed Map ‘Zoom out and Pan’ issue

Mobile Updates

  • Free Text on Visual Observer or others such as Payload Operator (mobile app)
  • Add frequency on mobile app map popup flyaway buffer text view
  • Mobile Map Lat/Long input
  • Added to the mobile map “MGRS” and “degrees, min, sec” information
  • Add LAT/LONG Data on Map View from FLYSAFE Mobile
  • Disabled 3D view (because of map issue)
  • Now showing NOTAMS
  • Flight File Number (External ID)
  • Added Nautical Miles (NM) distances
  • Fixed Cannot Scroll Screen on ‘Multiple Flight Screen’
  • Fixed FAB line inconsistency to Airspace vs Center of Airport
  • Fixed Flight Types from Web to Mobile App Issue
  • Fixed Commercial App to Web Weather Issue
  • Ability to adjust Start Time Timer
  • Fixed Settings buttons not working on master admin latest notifications.

2021 March

Platform Updates

  • New version of DJI importer that supports DJI Fly Logs and the new DJI SDK.

2021 February

Platform Updates

  • Personnel Approved UAS matrix screen accessible at PL Master Admin level. Consolidated all orgs.
  • Private Label: in Master dashboard, PL Admin right can be set from the Personnel list.
  • Private Label: in Master dashboard, add possibility to give orgs-restricted Master Admin dashboard right to a user. All data in Master admin site screens are restricted to only user assigned organizations.
  • Operation Timeline : display all flights / missions split per drone or pilot in a timeline view. Accessible from the Flight list page and Ops Calendar.
  • Battery Detail page: add access to battery charges list screen.
  • Flight Area tool: fix KML import.
  • Drone Profile : can mass-assign drone profile to a list of drones.
  • Private Label: Add new screen Orgs Access Matrix, to view which orgs can be accessed by who.
  • Private Label: Add a new login control level for Orgs-restrictions PL Admin and Ops Site access.
  • Private Label: Personnel list can be filtered by Org admin and Master admin right.
  • Add a new Battery report: print all battery detail infos.
  • PrivateLabel : Inventory Battery list, show flight count, total flying times and lifespan gauges.
  • Person Detail: add Pilot Flight timeline.
  • Ops Calendar MapView : add dates period filter to view more than a month. PL Master Admin and Ops site.
  • Flight CSV export: export distance and altitude in the user unit selection.
  • Add Flight : Layout of Simplified form changed.
  • Fix incident report: add all incident notes.
  • Upgrade TLOG importer
  • Airdata CSV importer fix.
  • Add possibility to enter multiple Visual Observer on a flight.
  • Improve display of personnel in the mission detail page (Split by type)
  • PrivateLabel: now current org and owner can be changed for a Document, Project and Customer.
  • Fix an issue when importing log file in an existing flight from the Edit Flight screen (Date/time from the telemetry was not set on the flight record).
  • Mission Request page : change layout to allow vertical scrolling in the form.
  • Create a PDF Mission Report, with all flight PDF docs merged.
  • Australian servers: add VFR map layer in the flight area planner pages.
  • Flight Edition: fix issue when adding a new drone.

2021 January

Platform Updates

  • Add New plans Pro+ and Enterprise+.
  • Drone Profile : Add the drone status in the Drone list when assigning a profile.
  • Drone Profile assigned to drone: Conformity check is now names non-case sensitive.
  • Share Mission / Flight Detail / Ops Calendar pages via a Public link (copy link or send by email). Optional PIN Code protection can be added to the shared link.
  • Set Mission Request accessible at Public level (for Enterprise + customers).
  • PrivateLabel: Deleted Flights report: add a Restore button.
  • Approval workflow forPrivateLabel: send approval to org admin and users who have delegated access to others orgs.
  • Add Student Role.
  • PrivateLabel Admin: Project list shows only active project by default. Add filter to show Archived ones.
  • Mass-Edit: limit the list of initial records to 100. Add a max records select box.
  • Fix customer View-only right limitation.
  • Fix Equipment/Battery and drone mass-import.
  • Add new Integration Hub page.
  • Add a new matrix screen to edit easily Personnel Approved UAS.
  • PrivateLabel Admin : Optimize Personnel List performance.

2020 November

Platform Updates

  • Private Label Admin dashboard / Report page : add access to Compliance and Pilot Summary report.
  • Custom Operations Report: filter per Custom legal rules.
  • Private Label : for Multi-airspace tools PL, route to the used flight planner tool when opening a flight/mission detail page.
  • Flight Detail page: add the possibility to append an existing flight (without telemetry) with an already-imported flight with telemetry. After the execution the imported flight is deleted.
  • Re-organise Flight & Mission Edition screens with tabs.
  • Drone document: Fix issue where document type was not saved.
  • Personnel account: add “external user” flag. External user does not receive validation email and can be filtered in the Personnel list.
  • Private Label: fix issue when an inventory owner changed org, and the inventory item is updated.
  • Private Label: fix Skills matrix restricted to current org user skills, where all skills across all orgs should be visible.
  • Flight / Mission Edit screens: filter drones list with the current pilot Approved-UAS models.
  • Flight And Upcoming-Mission list : add a Approval Status filter.
  • Private Label : fix Personnel list org filter.
  • Mission Finalisation : copy the mission legal rule, and Ops Approval Type to appended flights.
  • Private Label Admin dashboard: Upcoming mission figures, displays the number of missions distributed by approval status.
  • Autel Cloud importer: fix issue when using “Import All”.
  • Mission detail page: if mission has been finalised, allow to Detach a flight to the mission.
  • Ops Calendar (Private Label admin and Ops web app): add a mission Map view.
  • Flight Detail page: display the log imported date/time in the Imported Data section.
  • Fix an issue when editing a checklist on the web and created on the mobile: customer and project were empty in the edit form.
  • Add New importer : UBlox UBX.
  • Simplified-Add Flight screen: make the location mandatory.
  • PDF Report : create asynchronous generation engine (for long run processing). Get access to previous generated reports for archiving purpose.

2020 October

Platform Updates

  • Private Label Notification email: add link to open related incident.
  • Private Label Notification dashboard summary: add link to each related item.
  • Private Label Notification : list all incident entered in the last 5 days.
  • Private Label : When incident added : Send instant email to Notification recipients.
  • Add possibility to clone an existing Risk Assessment template, and Custom form.
  • Mission / Flight detail screens : can detach a Document.
  • Add Autel Cloud Sync importer page. Connect your Autel account and automatically import your flight logs backed up on the Autel Cloud. To be able to access your latest flights, you first need to sync your device (running Autel Explorer mobile app) with Autel Cloud. Duplicated or already imported file are detected and ignored. Drone and battery are auto-detected from their serial numbers. If not found, they are automatically added to the inventory.
  • Risk Assessment CASA PDF: fix final risk value.
  • Battery: extend lifeSpan parameter to take care of Cycles#, Flight# and Max Duration.
  • Private Label Battery lifeSpan notification: trigger lifespan Flight count and lifespan Days count.
  • Plan Mission: add an optional mission End Date to manage multi-days mission.
  • Plan Mission : add possibility to set PPE : Personnel Protective Equipment.
  • Dashboard: stay in the Flights tab when switching between 7/30/90 days figures.
  • Improve incident records rendering in Personnel, Drone, Flight and Project detail screens.
  • Mission Approval Email: if no TO found, extend the logic to add more potential TO recipients.
  • Simplified Add Flight screen: Flight Already exist test does not include planned mission.
  • Private Label Admin dashboard: add Dark mode.
  • Private Label Admin dashboard: Add Skill matrix for all orgs personnel.
  • Legal Rule : Add TransportCanada legal rule : CARS Part IX.
  • Locations maps: Filter list of locations based on map view.
  • Fix default header in PDF reports. (for user without company).
  • Custom Operations Report: fix an issue with the location list which displayed duplicated locations.
  • Private label: Can generate main PDF reporting from Master admin dashboard site.
  • Fix popup responsive bug for low resolution screen.


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