Learn how to download and install the Virtual Keypad App, bind a Mobile Credential to your device, use credentials, and configure settings. Before getting started, be sure that you have the following:

  • An email notifying you that a mobile credential has been assigned by your administrator
  • A device with minimum BLE 4.2 and Android Version 8.0 (Oreo) or iOS Version 10.0
  • Bluetooth and location enabled on your device
  • If you already have Virtual Keypad installed, update to Version 6.35.0 or higher


Download Virtual Keypad

When your system administrator assigned you a mobile credential, you received an email notifying you of the credential assignment. You should have also received an email with your temporary Virtual Keypad account password. After downloading Virtual Keypad, you will need your email address and that temporary password to sign in for the first time.

  1. Go to the Google Play™ store (Android) or the App Store® (iOS) and download Virtual Keypad.
  2. After it finishes installing, open Virtual Keypad. Enter your email and the temporary password you received in your welcome email, then tap Log In.
  3. Virtual Keypad prompts you to change your password. Set a new password, then tap Save.
  4. If the app prompts you to enter your system user code, enter it then tap Forward.

Bind a Credential to Your Device

Before using your device to access a door, you must bind the mobile credential that was assigned to you to that device.

  1. Tap Menu and select Mobile Credentials.
  2. New credentials will be labeled as Unlinked Credential and have a link that says Link to this Phone. To bind that credential to your current device, tap Link to this Phone.
  3. When the credential is successfully bound, the link text disappears and the label changes to Linked Credential.

Use the Credential

After you’ve bound a mobile credential to your device and set up Virtual Keypad, you’re ready to use your device to access a door with a compatible reader.

  1. The LED ring is white when the reader is idle. Wave your hand in front of the reader. If you are wearing gloves, you may need to remove them so the reader can sense your movement.
  2. The reader LED ring turns blue and starts spinning. Move into range of the reader with your device. The reader beeps when it finds a device.
  3. If access is granted, the reader’s LED ring flashes green. If access is denied, the LED ring goes back to solid white, the door remains locked, and the sequence starts over.

Reduce Notifications on Android Devices

Because of Android’s app requirements, Virtual Keypad sends a notification to your device’s notification drawer every time you use a mobile credential. You can hide these notifications from your device’s Settings menu.

When you receive a notification from Virtual Keypad after using your mobile credential, swipe left on the notification and tap Settings. Turn off Mobile Credential Notifications.