In Video, you can view a list of the cameras on your system and edit camera settings. To view live video, select a camera.


Edit Camera Settings

  1. To edit a camera, select More in the upper right corner of the camera’s tile and select Edit. If a camera doesn’t have More, then its settings cannot be edited.
  2. Make changes to camera settings as needed:
    • Rename Camera: Select the camera’s name, then enter the new name.
    • Record on Motion: Choose if and how a camera records when motion is detected. Options are Always, Never, or When Armed.
    • Record on Alarm: Turn this setting on to start recording when the system goes into alarm.
    • Flip Image: Turn this setting on to change the orientation of video from ceiling-mounted cameras.
    • Motion Detection Regions: Place, adjust, and delete up to four motion detection regions for a camera.
  3. After you’re done making changes, select Save.

Additional Information

Recording on Alarm
The camera records footage starting 5 seconds before an alarm until 15 seconds after the alarm started. Two additional 20 second clips are available for a total of 1 minute of footage.

Recording on Motion Detection
The camera records footage starting 5 seconds before motion is initially detected until 15 seconds after motion is initially detected in one of the configured motion detection regions.