When configuring profiles, use the search bar in each section to quickly locate items to include in the profile. To create a multi system profile, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in and select ADMIN.
  2. Go to Profiles.
  3. Name the group, then select the Checkmark icon to save the name.
  4. In Systems, choose the system groups or individual systems that you want to include in the profile.
  5. To combine settings from an existing profile, select Link Existing Profile, then select the profile name that you want to combine into the current Admin profile.
  6. In Profile Options, select the options that apply to members of the profile. For information about what each permission does, select the information icon next to the appropriate option. For full information about profile options, refer to Profiles Reference.
  7. When settings from existing profiles conflict with the default Admin profile, you’ll receive a message that profiles have conflicting settings. Select the settings that you want to be applied to all selected systems. These new settings override existing settings in each selected system’s profile.
  8. If necessary, choose Output Groups for the profile. To copy a specific output group to all systems, select Copy to All.
  9. In Arm/Disarm Areas, select the areas and permission levels that apply to members of the profile.
  10. In Access Areas, select any areas that you want the profile to have the ability to access.
  11. In Access Schedules, select any schedules that apply to profile members.
  12. Select Save.