To add a zone, complete the following steps.

  1. Go to Customer Summary > Systems.
  2. Select the system that you want to program.
  3. Tap Zones.
  4. Tap the Add icon.
  5. Enter a zone Number.
  6. If the new device or output has wireless capabilities, switch on Wireless.
  7. For wireless devices, enter the 8-digit Serial number.
  8. Enter a zone Name.
  9. If necessary, choose a Zone Type and select an Area.
    For Night, Exit, and Instant zone types, you can assign a Doorbell, Descend, or Ascend tone to the zone by choosing an option from the Chime dropdown.
    If you are adding an 1122 Wireless PIR Motion Detector, you can select On from the PIR Pet Immunity dropdown.
  10. Tap Send.