The options available to you during system setup will depend on the device and connection type. For more information about these options and inputs for each field, refer to “Programming Options Reference” in this topic.

To add a system, complete the following steps.

  1. Go to Customer Summary > Systems.
  2. Tap the Add icon.
  3. Enter the System Name. To pre-program the device with a specific firmware version, switch on Pre-Program.
  4. Enter the panel Serial Number.
  5. Choose a System Type.
  6. If you enabled Pre-Program, select a Firmware Version.
  7. Select a Connection Type. If you choose a cellular connection type, activate a new SIM card. If you choose a network connection type, enter the network address in Net Addr.
  8. Enter an Account Number.
  9. Enter additional information and select additional options as needed. For more information, refer to “Programming Reference” in this document.
  10. Tap Save.

Programming Options Reference

The following section contains information about each field in programming options. For more detailed information about programming a system after initial setup, refer to Program a System.

New System

  • System Name—The name of the system. This field is required.
  • Pre-Program—Pre-program the device with a specific firmware version. Compatible with XTLplus, XTLtouch, XT30/XT50 Series systems, XR150/XR550 Series systems, CellComSL, and iComSL.
  • Serial Number—The device serial number. This field is required if you choose an EASYconnect connection type.
  • Edit Service Address—Edit the customer’s service address for this system.

Panel Information

  • System Type—Select the type of device that you are programming. This field is required.
  • Firmware Version (if Pre-Program is switched on)—Select a firmware version for the panel.
  • Connection Type—Select how the system will communicate. This field is required. For detailed information about connection types, refer to “Connection Types”.
  • Account Number—Enter the system’s account number. You can enter a two-digit prefix from 1-99 and a five-digit account number from 1-65535. Both the prefix and account number are required.
  • Program Defaults—Push programming information to the panel along with predefined dealer defaults. Compatible with XTLplus and XTLtouch Series systems. Valid connection information is required.
  • Remote Key—If applicable, enter a remote key to enable remote connection to the panel.
  • Store User Codes—Enable this option to allow the Tech APP to view the system’s user codes. Store User Codes must be enabled during system setup for this information to display in the Tech APP.
  • Cellular # (Cell connection)—The cellular number that you are connecting the system to. Filled out automatically if you activate a new SIM. This field is required if you choose a cellular connection type.
  • Net Addr. (Network connection)—The address of the network that you are connecting the system to. This field is required if you choose a network connection type.

Installation Information

  • Installation Type—The type of installation, such as residential or commercial. Filled out automatically depending on system type chosen.
  • Install Date—The date of the installation. Defaults to the date the system is created.
  • Primary Installer—The primary installer of the system. Defaults to user currently signed in with the Tech APP.
  • Sales Person—The sales person for the system. Default is blank.

VK & Website Services

VK & Website Services include a handful of categories with pre-selected options. Additional options can be switched on manually unless None is selected.

  • Arming—Restrict the Virtual Keypad app to arm/disarm only.
  • Standard—Virtual Keypad includes standard system features. All items in Included Features are automatically switched on.
  • Standard + Video Doorbell (Residential and XT Series Commercial installations)—Virtual Keypad includes all standard system features. All items in Included Features are automatically switched on plus Video Doorbell.
  • Virtual Keypad Access (Commercial Installations for XR150/XR550)—Virtual Keypad includes all standard system features with access control. All items in Included Features are switched on plus Advanced Reports (non-cellular systems only).
  • None—Disables Virtual Keypad. All features are switched off and disabled.

Included Features

  • User Code Management
  • Schedules Management
  • Geofences
  • Door Control (Virtual Keypad Access)

Add-On Features

  • Automation (Lights, Locks & Thermostat)
  • Traffic Count
  • Advanced Reports (Virtual Keypad Access)
  • Door Access Events (Virtual Keypad Access)
  • Sensor Activity
  • Video
  • Video Doorbell

Third Party Integrations

  • HikVision
  • OpenEye
  • EagleEye
  • Ring® Doorbell