The Tech APP (Automated Panel Programming) is an innovative mobile tool that allows alarm industry technicians (you) to add, edit, and view customers, systems, and app users directly from this app. You have the ability to quickly adjust system programming directly from the app, as well as access full programming and reporting options. Programming can then be pushed to a system, allowing you to remotely program customer’s systems. To use the Tech APP, you must have a valid account username and password given to you by a Dealer Admin administrator.

What can you do?

  • Add and edit customers
  • Add, edit, and delete systems
  • Push full programming from Dealer Admin for select panels
  • Take installation notes so other technicians can see details of an installation
  • View installation and programming guides
  • View system analytics
  • Add, edit, and delete devices, sensors, zones, outputs, user codes, profiles, Z-Wave devices, video, and app users