Dealer Admin offers the ability to replace a panel’s programming. If a panel is damaged, you can send programming directly to a replacement panel. You can also retrieve programming from a new panel, if necessary.

  1. If you are using an EASYconnect™ connection type, program your company’s App Key into the replacement panel to allow Dealer Admin to establish an EASYconnect™ connection.
  2. Find the customer and select the relevant account number.
  3. The System Information page opens. Press Edit.
  4. The Editing page opens. Press Replace Panel.
  5. Enter the Serial Number of the replacement panel. Keep in mind, the replacement panel must be the same model as the original panel. Verify that the App Key you programmed into the replacement panel matches the App Key shown on screen.
  6. Select either Send Programming To New Panel or Retrieve Programming From New Panel. If you choose to send programming, any programming already set in the replacement panel will be overwritten. See the table below for more information on which programming options are sent or retrieved. Additionally, user codes are retrieved from the replacement panel.
  7. Once the send or retrieve programming process has completed, you will be redirected to Full Programming. Make additional changes if necessary.
Programming Options Send Programming to New Panel Retrieve Programming from New Panel
Communication Yes Yes
Network Options Yes Yes
Messaging Setup Yes Yes
Device Setup Yes Yes
Remote Options Yes Yes
System Reports Yes Yes
System Options Yes Yes
Bell Options Yes Yes`
Output Options Yes Yes
Output Information XT30/XT50 and XR150/XR550 XT30/XT50 and XR150/XR550
Output Setup XTLplus XTLplus
Output Groups XR150/XR550 XR150/XR550
Status List Display XR150/XR550 XR150/XR550
Area Information Yes Yes
Zone Information Yes Yes
Key Fobs Yes Yes
Lockout Code No No
Schedules Yes Yes
Profiles XR150/XR550 XR150/XR550
User Codes Yes Yes
Favorites No Yes
Z-Wave Devices No Yes
Push Notification Settings Yes No