When creating or editing a system, the system Connection Type determines how Dealer Admin connects to the panel. After configuring the required fields for your connection type, press Test Connection to perform initial connection to the panel. The following connection options are available:


Uses cellular to communicate with the panel. Requires a cell module to be installed on the panel. To activate a cell module, enter the SIM or MEID, press Get Status, then press Activate. To deactivate a cellular device, press Deactivate Cellular Device.


Uses the panel serial number and app key to establish initial communication with the panel. Requires a panel with network communication capability (Wi-Fi or Ethernet). In both Dealer Admin and the panel, program matching account numbers and serial numbers in System Options. In panel the REMOTE OPTIONS menu, program your app key and ensure that ALLOW NETWORK REMOTE is set to YES. EASYconnect requires that your network outbound port 4001 is open.

EASYconnect + Cell Backup

Uses EASYconnect to establish connection to the panel, then uses cellular for a backup connection. Configure EASYconnect settings, then activate the cellular SIM/MEID.


Uses a standard network connection to communicate with the panel over Wi-Fi or Ethernet. In Network Address, enter the panel network’s public IP address. In panel the REMOTE OPTIONS menu, ensure that ALLOW NETWORK REMOTE is set to YES.