When conducting a communication test, refer to the following sections for cellular and network test details. For more information, refer to the DMP Troubleshooting Guide .


Successful Communication Display Failed Communication Display
Modem Operating No Modem Found
Identified No SIM Card
Tower Detected No Tower
Registered Not Registered
APN Accepted APN Error
Connected Connect Error
Not Activated
COMM Path Good No ACK Received

Modem Operating: The panel is communicating with the modem.

Identified: The SIM is installed and the modem can be identified.

Tower Detected: The SIM is activated and the modem is in contact with a tower.

Registered: The modem is registered.

APN Accepted: The APN is correct, communication successfully established.

No Modem Found: The panel can’t communicate with the modem. The modem may be damaged, incorrectly installed, or panel firmware does not support the modem type.

No SIM Card: After reading the SIM, the panel received an error from the modem. The SIM card is not installed or it’s installed incorrectly.

No Tower: The modem can’t find a tower. The SIM is not activated, signal strength is poor, or the tower is down.

Not Registered: The modem tells the panel that registration is denied. The modem is not registered, the modem has extremely poor signal and has failed repeatedly to connect, the APN is incorrect.

APN Error: The panel received an error from the modem related to PDP context. No IP address or port is configured in panel communication programming, the APN is not configured or is incorrect, the modem is registered but is now deactivated.

Not Activated: The modem is not active. The modem hasn’t been activated or failed to OTA.

Connect Error: The modem is unable to open a socket to send a message. The internet gateway is down or the modem hasn’t been activated.

No Signal: Configuration is correct, but communication can’t be established due to poor signal.

No ACK Received: The modem sent a message but didn’t receive an acknowledgement in the allotted time. The IP or port is incorrect, the receiver is down, port forwarding is not configured, ports are not configured for UDP outbound.


Successful Communication Display Failed Communication Display
Link OK Link Error
Gateway Found No Gateway
Destination Found No Destination
COMM Path Good Not Connected
No ACK Received

Link OK: Panel connected and communicating on the network.

DHCP OK: The DHCP server is receiving to the panel request for an IP address, responds with IP.

Gateway Found: Panel can successfully reach gateway.

Destination Found: IP address correct, ports correct.

Comm Path Good: ACK received, communication established.

Link Error: Panel is not connected to the network. Hardware may be damaged, or incorrectly installed.

DHCP Error: The DHCP server is not receiving the panel’s request for an IP address.

No Gateway: The panel can’t reach the gateway address, IP address is incorrect, or ports between panel and gateway are configured incorrectly.

No Destination: The IP address is incorrect or the ports are configured incorrectly.

Not Connected: The IP address is incorrect or the ports are configured incorrectly.

No ACK received: The panel is connected but received no acknowledgement from the server.