Dealer Admin now supports updating multiple panels. For example, update all of your systems or a select few. To update multiple panels, complete the following steps.

  1. Go to Tools > Bulk Remote Update.
  2. To view all systems that have updates available, go to the Rows dropdown and select All.
  3. To filter your systems, select applicable filters from Model, Connection, and System Firmware.
  4. Select the systems that you want to update. To select all of the displayed systems, press All above the column of checkboxes. If you want to exclude certain panels from the update, clear the checkboxes next to them. To deselect all of the displayed systems, press None.
  5. Press Update Selected Systems.
  6. A dialog pops up to confirm your decision. To update the selected systems, press Confirm.
  7. The updates are queued for the selected systems. View the status of updates in Tools > Remote Update Dashboard.