Import User Codes with a CSV template from Dealer Admin or a Remote Link export file.

To perform a Bulk User Code Import, complete the following steps.

  1. Find the customer and select the relevant account number.
  2. Additional options become visible in the menu. Select User Codes.
  3. Select CSV Import, then select Download CSV Template.
  4. Enter the username, user code, and at least one profile number in the appropriate columns. If necessary, enter an external number.
    Note: If you enter an external number, the user is imported with a card credential type. Otherwise, the user is imported with a code credential type.
  5. Save and close the template.
  6. On the system User Codes page in Dealer Admin, select CSV Import.
  7. A file upload dialog opens. In Import From, choose whether to import from a CSV or Remote Link file.
  8. Press the Upload File button and select the saved template.