To add a schedule to a system, complete the following steps.

  1. Find the customer and select the relevant account number.
  2. Additional options become visible in the menu. Select Schedules.
  3. Press the Add icon.
  4. Enter a schedule name and number.
  5. In Times, enter the Begin and End times for the schedule in the appropriate day slots. Enter all time values in 12-hour format as hh:mm a or in 24-hour format as HH:mm. For example, in 12-hour format, 05:00 PM or 500 pm. In 24-hour format, 17:00 or 1700.
  6. To make exceptions to holiday schedules, enter times in the holiday slots (Hol A, Hol B, Hol C).
    Note: Holiday schedules can only be created and deleted from or the panel User Menu.
  7. Choose Areas, Outputs, Favorites, and Doors for the schedule, if applicable.
  8. In Copy to Systems, select the schedule types to send to the system.
  9. Select systems to be affected by the schedule.
  10. Press Send Changes to System.