For detailed information about programming key fobs and panic buttons, refer to the appropriate installation and panel programming guides. To add a key fob to a system, complete the following steps.

  1. Find the customer and select the relevant account number.
  2. Additional options become visible in the menu. Select Full Programming.
  3. To enable wireless encryption, go to System Options > 1100 Wireless Encryption and select Both or All.
  4. To enable panic supervision, go to System Options and switch on Panic Supervision.
  5. Go to Key Fobs. Press Add Key Fob.
  6. In Key Fob Number, enter a number depending on your system type. Refer to the table following this section.
  7. In Number of Buttons, select 1, 2, or 4. Default is 4.
  8. In User Number, select an existing user.
  9. In Serial Number, enter the 8-digit key fob serial number. Valid range is 05000000-05999999.
  10. If the key fob should be supervised, select a Supervision Time. For applications where the key fob may be taken off site, supervision time should be None. Default is None.
  11. Program each button as needed, including the Action, Press Time, Output (panic), Output Action (panic), and Areas.
  12. Press Send Key Fobs.
Panel Model Key Fob Zone Numbers
XR150/XR550 Series 400-449
XT30/XT50 Series 31-34 (slow)
41-44 (fast)
XTLplus and XTLtouch 51-54 (slow)
61-64 (fast)