To add a camera or NVR/Converter to a system, complete the following steps.

Add a Camera

  1. Find the customer and select the relevant account number.
  2. Press Add Camera and enter the 12-digit MAC Address located on the back of the camera. Press Next.
  3. Enter a name for the camera.
  4. Select the camera’s time zone. If necessary, select Observe Daylight Savings Time.
  5. If the camera image needs to be inverted due to mounting position, toggle Flip Image.
  6. To allow this camera to record motion triggered video clips, select Clips.
    1. If you only want this camera to offer a live camera view through the Virtual Keypad app, choose Never Record Motion.
    2. If you want this camera to record video clips any time it detects motion, choose Always Record on Motion.
    3. If you want the camera to record motion triggered clips only when the system is armed, choose Record Motion When Armed.
  7. To record video clips continuously during the first minute after the system triggers an alarm, select Record on Alarm.
  8. Press Save.

Add an NVR/Converter

  1. Find the customer and select the relevant account number.
  2. Press Add NVR/Converter and enter the Serial Number found on the NVR label.
  3. Press Next. When the NVR has successfully connected, the NVR Serial Number is assigned.
  4. Select the Time Zone, enable Observe Daylight Savings Time if observed by the area, and enable the local user option.
  5. Create an NVR Username and Password to create a local operator account for viewing pre-recorded video locally using an HDMI-connected device.
  6. Press Save.