Dealer Admin is a centralized, cloud-based administrative portal that combines many keypad and Remote Link programming features with powerful tools like system analytics. Dealer Admin enables you to quickly program systems, optimize your services, run reports, update panels remotely, manage your customers, and much more.

For help with other products like Tech APP and Virtual Keypad, visit the DMP Help Files page.

Get a Dealer Admin Account

Contact SecureCom Customer Service at 877-300-8030 or

Sign In

Go to Dealer Admin. Enter your Email and Password, then select Sign In.

Reset Your Password

On the login page, select Forgot Your Password. Enter your Email address, then select Reset Password. An email is sent containing an auto-generated password.

Sign Out

To sign out of Dealer Admin, select your avatar and select Sign Out. You are signed out and automatically redirected to the login page.

Edit Your Account Settings

To change account settings like your username and email, select Avatar and go to Settings.