Your ideal setup depends on what you are most looking to get out of the app and the environment you are throwing in!

If you are interested in recording video from behind the pitcher, check out our Dual Capture mode:
The ideal set up we suggest to record video behind the pitcher is using our Dual Capture mode with the front facing camera. You will need a tripod to set your Apple device on. Place it 2 feet by 2 feet behind the pitcher so that you capture the pitcher’s arm motion. This keeps your phone within Bluetooth range and still captures the pitching motion.
If you are interested in recording video from the side of the pitcher (to capture their profile and stride), check out our Motion Capture mode:
The ideal set up we suggest to record video of the pitcher’s profile Motion Capture mode This is where the camera is set up facing the pitcher and not set up to see balls and strikes. This is a great view to see how the pitcher’s mechanics are working. You can set this up with either the front facing or rear facing camera.
If you are interested in Charting pitches, check out our Charting view:
Our charting mode works best for the individuals who can’t or prefer not to use either video modes. The Apple device can be set up by the pitcher or the catcher, however we suggest putting it by the pitcher. We also suggest having the Apple device up off the ground when pitching.
If you are interested in simply looking at the metrics and what the easiest pitch set up, start throwing a session in our Session Summary view:
Throwing in Session Summary view is the simplest view to throw in! While throwing with the Session Summary view open you cannot record video or chart pitches. However, all of your pitches will update on this page as they are recorded. Here you will be able to see all of your pitch metrics as well as track the Average, Minimum and Maximum for each metric in that session.
“I don’t have a tripod to set my Apple device on”
No problem! Check out our Charting page where you can manually chart your pitches into a strike zone based on where they are thrown. You may also be interested in our Session Summary view. You can throw pitches while in this view and see them come through one at a time!
“I want to use video but I don’t have anything to hold my phone.”
There are many different things that you can do to set your phone up to record video. The main thing is to make sure your phone is upright and has the proper camera set up. You can use a chair and set the phone up on the seat with the back of the chair to prop it up. You can also use a bucket and prop the phone up on that, making sure the phone is off the ground so that the Bluetooth connection between the phone and ball doesn’t get lost as you throw. The important thing is to make sure the phone is off the ground to ensure a solid connection.
“If I am using video but want to put the camera next to me to view my pitching motion, how far should I put my phone away from me?”
The phone can be placed 2 feet next to you on either side you choose. Make sure that your body is in the camera so that it can record your throws.

DK Tips and Tricks for and pitch setup:

  • Have your Apple Device up off the ground. This helps with Bluetooth connection as the ground can act as a sponge and soak up Bluetooth signal.
  • We strongly suggest keeping the device by the pitcher. However, if it is by the catcher, make sure the pitch data transfers to your app when the catcher receives the ball before it’s thrown back to the pitcher.


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