Pitch by Pitch in Session Summary allows you to view a full list of all of your pitches and their metrics. In the Pitch-By-Pitch view, you can also view any recorded videos.

To navigate to the Pitch-By-Pitch section, go to your Session Summary; you will automatically be taken to Pitch-By-Pitch. To the left of the Pitch-By-Pitch screen will be your Session Stats column. On the Pitch-By-Pitch view you will see multiple rows. Each row represents an individual pitch. You can scroll through your pitches by swiping up or down on the screen.

Each row will provide you with unique information to that pitch. Listed in the row you will see the,

The arrow at the end of the row will take you to the video of that pitch. You can also click on the thumbnail to watch the video.%

Your pitches will be sorted in descending order. However, this order will be affected by what you have your Pitch Type Selector set to. The Pitch Type Selector is located at the top of your Session Stats column (upper left corner).

Pitch Type Selector: This drop down menu allows you to change which pitch type you are looking at. This will change all of the information on your Session Summary page. If you have the Pitch Type Selector set to Show All, your Pitch-By-Pitch section will be sorted in descending order. If you select a specific pitch type, your Pitch-By-Pitch section will be sorted with that specific pitch type clumped at the top and the rest of your pitches in descending order after.

Charting Pitches after the Fact-

If you forgot to chart a pitch during your session, you can do so here.

  1. Click on the video thumbnail for the desired pitch
  2. The video will appear with an empty strike zone
  3. Select in the strike zone where the pitch ended up
  4. Exit the video by selecting Session Summary in the upper left corner

Now if you go to your Chart view that pitch will appear charted.


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