Classifying your pitches allows you to get the most out of your data. PitchTracker data is most useful when it is sorted by your pitch types. The more pitches that you classify, the more helpful the data will be to you! In order to make the process of classifying your pitches more seamless, we have introduced our own Auto Pitch-Type Detection Software. While it can provide you with lots of benefits, classifying data can get a bit in the way and keep you from focusing on your pitching session. PitchTracker uses it’s own Auto Pitch-Type Detection to automatically classify your pitches for you so you can have all your pitches classified without the hassle!

How does it work?

The Auto Pitch-Type Detection learns first from how you classify your own pitches. You will need to classify at least three of a pitch type for the Software to create a baseline for that specific pitch type. The Software takes all of your pitch metrics into consideration and learns what the metrics for your specific pitch types tend to look like (Release Velocity, Spin Direction, Spin Rate, Spin Efficiency, etc). Once it has a good understanding of what your metrics look like for a specific pitch type, it will start to automatically classify your pitches for you!

On the right hand side of any of your session views, you will see your pitch types listed. If you need to adjust your pitch types, click here to learn how. When a pitch comes in, you will see the pitch count at the bottom go up. The Auto Pitch-Type Detection will automatically classify the pitch for you. The check mark next to the pitch type it selects will light up green and you will see the pitch count for that specific pitch go up. If it selects the wrong pitch type, you can easily just select the correct one.

How do I classify pitches?

  1. Throw a pitch in any of our Pitch Session Views
  2. To the right of the screen, select the correct pitch type of the pitch thrown
    1. You will see the pitch count for that specific pitch increase one.
  3. Throw another pitch
  4. Classify the pitch to the right of the screen!
  5. Once you classify several pitches, the Software will kick in!

Is it accurate?

The Auto Pitch-Type Detection will be as accurate as you allow it to be. It is constantly learning off of the pitches you throw. The more you classify pitches the better it is for you and the Software!

Does it save to my account?

The Auto Pitch-Type Detection will save to the app on a specific device. It will not save to the account. For instance, if you throw on your phone you will have an Auto Pitch-Type Detection specific to your phone. If you then throw on your iPad or another person’s device, even in the same account, you may have to re-train your Auto Pitch-Type Detection again (classify a few pitches at first).


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