Any child or youth, including migrant and unaccompanied youth, who lacks a fixed, regular and adequate nighttime residence is considered homeless and McKinney-Vento eligible for assistance and services. This includes children and youth who are temporarily sharing housing with others due to loss of housing or economic hardship, those living in hotels, camping grounds, emergency shelters, cars, bus or train stations.

To the extent practical and as required by law, the District will work with homeless students and their families to provide them with equal access to the same free, appropriate education (including public preschool education) provided to other students. Special attention will be given to ensuring the identification, enrollment and attendance of homeless students not currently attending school, as well as mitigating education barriers to their academic success. Additionally, the District will take reasonable steps to ensure that homeless students are not stigmatized or segregated in a separate school or in a separate program within a school on the basis of their homeless status.

Students experiencing homelessness will be provided District services for which they are eligible, including Head Start and comparable preschool programs, Title I, similar state programs, special education, bilingual education, vocational and technical education programs, gifted and talented programs, and school nutrition programs.

For more information, visit our District website or call 360-473-1077 if you need assistance.

Last modified: 13 July 2021