The Bremerton School District is committed to serving the needs of all students. Highly capable students may be served in their home school, in a self-contained elementary program, or by participating in Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses in the secondary schools. Teachers design lessons to add depth and complexity to the curriculum to keep our highly capable students working on the outer edges of their abilities. Evaluations are administered between January and April each year by a designated school psychologist who schedules a battery of cognitive and academic tests to determine eligibility.

Students must qualify in at least one academic area and on an assessment of cognitive abilities. Following the assessment process, a multi-selection committee will review the information to determine who is eligible for the program. Students who qualify will be invited to join the self-contained program at the elementary level or work with their child’s school to develop a student learning plan. If a student transfers to the Bremerton School District with a highly capable label from a previous school district, that student’s records will be reviewed by the multi-selection committee to determine eligibility in the Bremerton School District.

More information is available on the District website.

Last modified: 28 July 2021