The second sub-object managed through the transaction /BTR/DIFFUSER is “Defaults for Technical Settings”. This screen contains two main sections.

  1. “Defaults for Technical Settings” allows to set default values for a specific Diffuser program. Once set, these values will always appear on the Technical Settings’ sub screen for that program see Technical Settings under Running Diffuser Programs for more details.

  1. “Technical Settings Access” we will explore in more detail.

Background Program

NOTE: This functionality requires “Wait for run to complete” to be set.

This option supresses the default display of the Run History screen after completion of an instance run. This is a useful feature that allows a Diffuser program to be called from another program without interrupting the latter with the MiniCube display.

The input field “Check for completion (in sec)” allows to set in seconds a time interval in which the parent job of a running Diffuser instance will wake up and check if all child parallel processes have completed. The default wake up and check time is 30 seconds which is suitable for very long running programs but not for speeding up web services where every second counts.

Lock Technical Settings

This options allows to lock all input fields for Technical Settings. This is useful if when a program can repeatedly run with the same default values and users should not change those values. When this option is set, the Diffuser Mode in the MiniCube will be locked as well.

This restriction applies at program level and not at user level. That is, once set the Technical Settings will be locked for all users. Restrictions at user level can be implemented, see the section Authority Checks in the Z Accelerators Guide.

Lock Expert Mode

This option is similar to “Lock Technical Settings”. The only difference is that on the Technical settings screen only the input fields under “Distribution” are locked. This allows the user to change settings like label name while protecting the more critical job distribution section from potential misuse. This option applies at program level as well. Restrictions at user level can be implemented with see the section Authority Checks in the Z Accelerators Guide.


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