The Diffuser software allows parallel processing and seamless background operation of large datasets.

You may alrady have Diffuser set up for ActiveControl functionality, such as Deep Impact, or Test Imapct Radar. You should still follow these steps, to ensure the relevant ActiveDiscoer aspects are correctly set up.

It is configured separately from ActiveDiscover and needs two programs defining. This is to be carried out in the Source system, defined earlier.
To clarify, the description below is not running the Diffuser programs, but defining their starting parameters and settings which will be necessary at runtime

Transaction: /btr/diffuser

Transaction Linkages

Enter the Diffuser Program as: /BTI/TE_REP_MDR_OBJECT_DI_LINK

Click “Create”.

Without making changes click “Save” and specify a Transport which contains these changes. Now you can exit the transaction.

You need to repeat the same steps for the Diffuser Programm /BTI/TE_REP_MDR_CR_TRAN_LINKS

Set the Defaults for Technical Settings radio button and click Display

Then confirm the defaults are seen, as below. If they are not set, please Change them accordingly:

Repeat this for Diffuser Programms /BTI/TE_REP_MDR_CR_TRAN_LINKS and /BTI/TE_REP_MDR_OBJECT_DI_LINK

Where-Used Report

This should be carried out in the Central system.

First, create a Diffuser program for /BTI/PX_MDR_WHEREUSED

Diffuser Variants

Create a Variant for the program /BTI/TE_REP_MDR_OBJECT_DI_LINK, again via transaction “/btr/diffuser”

Click the Execute button and you will see the main selection screen. Please select all objects except Function Modules and click Save the first time. (to save this screen, see details from next screenshot)
Now click on Technical Settings (Step 3) and enter an Interval Size (Step 4) and specify the number of batch jobs across all servers (Step 5). Note: Make sure to leave enough free processes for other jobs. Finally save the Technical Settings into the same variant by clicking on Save (Step 6).

We are not interested in actually running it, just creating a Variant, saving and leaving.

Name: OBJLINKS {the naming of the variant is required to be OBJLINKS}
Description: OBJLINKS

Click “Save”.

You can now “Exit” to cancel the execution.


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