Dear Students & Parents:

Welcome to Lake Zurich High School. The Procedures Booklet is intended to be informative and provide students and parents with a directory of resources for curricular and support services. I encourage you to review the handbook as a student/parent team, but more impor¬tantly, to use the handbook as a catalyst to explore ways to become more involved in the Lake Zurich High School Learning Community. Your involvement will increase the quality of your experience here at the high school. There is a wide variety of academic and extra- curricular programs in which students can be involved. There is also ample opportunity for parent involvement in booster organizations and on various school committees.
Lake Zurich High School should be a place where students feel they are in a supportive, safe environment that will facilitate their learning and where parents feel good about sending us their children.
I wish you a productive and prosperous 2017-2018 school year. There are many opportu¬nities for you to grow here. It’s great to be a Bear!

Mr. Bo Vossel Principal