Department Philosophy

The Lake Zurich Physical Education Department is committed to helping students improve their level of health and fitness by developing life-long skills through a variety of challenging physical activities.

General Policies

  1. All Lake Zurich High School students must be enrolled in and receive a passing grade for eight semesters of Physical Education. One of the eight semesters is Health Education. If a student chooses, he/she may take Physical Education as an elective in addition to their regularly scheduled PE Class.
  2. Students enrolled in Physical Education have their choice of five classes: Lifetime Sports, Personal Fitness, Fitness for Life, Strength Training, and Adventure for Education. Students will register for two PE courses with their counselor during the spring registration period for the following year. Freshmen are randomly placed into Freshmen PE sections.
  3. Juniors and seniors can be exempt from Physical Education on a very selected basis. The criteria for exemptions are very specific and are not granted without discussion and review by the A.P. for Student Services and the PE Department Chair. This process is completed during course selection for the following school year. The categories for waiving this requirement are as follows:
    A) Students may be exempt if they have junior or senior status during the semester(s) they are actively participating in an IHSA sanctioned sport.

Athletes taking a PE exemption will occur in the following manner:
Fall athletes- 1st semester
Winter athletes- 2nd semester
Spring athletes-2nd semester

Exempt students will be placed in a study hall for the semester he/she is exempted for. (Athletes using the exemption for a sport, may not take another class or activity in place of the study hall.) Failure to remain a member in good standing on a team, will result in being reinstated into a PE course.

B) To enroll in academic classes which are required for admission to an institution of higher learning, providing that failure to take such classes will result in the pupil being denied admission to the institution of his or her choice (juniors and seniors only).
C) To enroll in academic classes which are required for graduation from high school, provided that failure to take such classes will result in the pupil being unable to graduate (juniors and seniors only).
D) A request is made to be exempt in a marching band program for credit during the marching band season freshmen through seniors). Exempted students will be placed in study hall.

Course PreReq Open To Credit
Freshman PE 9 1.0
Health Education 10 .5
D.R. Ed. Classroom 15 yrs.old** (9) 10-12 .5
Lifetime Sports 10-12 .5
Personal Fitness 10-12 .5
Fitness Life 10-12 .5
Advanced Strength Training 10-12 .5
Adventure Education 11-12 .5
Applied Health and Wellness
11-12 .5

**Freshmen who are fifteen before the course begins are able to fill out open seats. Priority goes to students in grades 10-12.

P801 & P802 Freshmen Physical Education

This course is designed to give students the fundamental knowledge and skill development through a progression of team and individual sports, health and skill related fitness activities, and dance experience. Team and Individual sport activities may include: Basketball, Dance, Football, Soccer, Softball, Table Tennis, Volleyball, and Weight Training. Health and fitness activities may include: Jogging, Speed Walking, Elliptical Bicycling, Jump Rope, Tae-bo, Pilates, Circuits, and Fitness games. Fitness concepts include: Heart Rate, Target heart rate, recovery heart rate, cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, muscular strength, principles of an exercise program, knowledge of muscles, and knowledge of fitness equipment.

P807 & P808 Lifetime Sports I & II

This course will combine various Team Sports and Individual Sports. Three days per week the class will be involved in fundamental development and game play. While two days per week the class will be involved in various fitness activities. Sport activities may include: Archery, Tennis, Badminton, Eclipseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Pickleball, Golf, Ultimate Frisbee, Floor Hockey, and Softball.

P809 & P810 Personal Fitness I & II

The purpose of this course is to create and obtain Individual fitness goals by tracking progress through a variety of activities which include: Plyometrics, Cardio, Body weight lifts, Training Strategies, Classroom instruction into fitness concepts and goal setting, Agility, Balance and Coordination, Core Strength, High intensity weight training/ high intensity interval training.

P813 & P814 Fitness For Life I & II

This course is intended for sophomores through seniors that are interested in improving their overall fitness/nutrition level. This course consists of strength training two days per week and other physical workouts three days per week. Physical workouts may include but are not limited to: Yoga, jump roping, Zumba, circuit interval training, power walking, jogging, kickboxing, and step aerobics. Physical fitness and knowledge assessments will be implemented in this course as well as a final project that is related to physical fitness and health.

P815 & P816 Advanced Strength Training I & II

This one semester course is open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors and is designed to help students develop an understanding of the basic principles of resistance training. Students choose the exercise program that they would like to follow and are free to re-choose their program at the conclusion of the quarter. There are sixteen programs that students can choose from. Students that are involved in extra-curricular sports may choose a program that is specifically designed for their sport. The main goals of the course is for students to increase lean muscle mass and decrease body fat. A secondary goal of the course is to improve the students’ flexibility. A tertiary goal of the course is to improve cardiovascular endurance. The instructor will introduce the concepts necessary to create a resistance training program so that learners may develop the knowledge to construct their own regimen. At the conclusion of the course, the students will have acquired the knowledge necessary to continue resistance training for a lifetime. This course may be taken for a total of three semesters towards graduation.

P822 Adventure Education

Adventure Education is a course open to juniors and seniors that has an experiential learning environment where students participate in a variety of traditional and non-traditional activities. Through these activities, students will have the opportunity to build a sense of personal confidence, increase mutual support within a group, and demonstrate positive communication with peers and adults. The overall goal of experiential learning is to provide a safe, community building environment where students can develop risk-taking, leadership, communication, problem-solving, and active listening skills in a physically challenging settings. Activities experienced in this course include, but are not limited to initiatives, teambuilding, problem-solving, and challenge courses. This course may only be taken for one semester towards graduation. NO P.E. waivers will be accepted during the semester you take this course. Students must be present for the entire semester to learn safety techniques.

P823 Applied Health and Wellness

Prerequisites: None
Open To: 11, 12
.5 Credit

This course will meet state P.E. requirements. The philosophy of Applied Health and Wellness is to advance the application of personal wellness and the wellness of others. It is the goal of the course to empower students with real, usable skills and credentials in an allied medical health field. The course is designed with some classroom application combined with a fitness/lab setting, where students will experience hands on learning and application skills. The class will be available to Juniors and Seniors only and is non-repeatable. Physical Education waivers are not permitted throughout the duration of this course.

P821 Physical Education Leadership Program

Prerequisites: Enrollment By Application And Recommendation Only
Open To: 11 (Two-Year Course)
2 Credits

The Physical Education Leadership Program is an elective two-year course designed to teach and implement Strategic Core Values and Objectives as a means to promote positive student achievement. Through a comprehensive curriculum of team building and cooperative based learning strategies, students will have an opportunity to explore leadership roles, build positive, respectful relationships with peers and teachers, exemplify characteristics of an outstanding citizen, demonstrate skills, acquire knowledge related to the field of physical education, and stimulate an interest in the teaching profession. The overall goal of the Physical Education Leadership Program is to provide opportunities for leadership development in our students within a physical education environment.
The Physical Education Leadership Program is designed as a two-step process: one year of instruction and acquisition of knowledge, followed by one year of leader internship. During the first year of training, juniors gather knowledge, theory, and application strategies used in a physical education setting. During the year of leader internship, while assisting the physical education teacher, seniors will demonstrate application through peer teaching, role modeling, and co-facilitating.
Admittance into the Physical Education Leadership Program will be based on an application and evaluation format. By the end of the 1st semester of their sophomore year, interested candidates must complete the leader application form and provide two Lake Zurich High School teacher/sponsor recommendations. At least one leader recommendation form must come from one of their former physical education teachers. The other leader recommendation form should come from any Lake Zurich High School teacher, counselor, coach, or sponsor that can provide insight into the candidate’s leadership potential. Students accepted into the leadership program will receive physical education credit. Physical education exemptions are not permitted during the two year Junior/Senior Leadership Program. Failure to comply will result in a dismissal from the program.

P800 Driver Education

.5 Credit

Driver Education is a comprehensive, semester long class. During this class, thirty clock hours of classroom instruction, six clock hours of behind the wheel instruction and fifty hours of parental supervised driving are required by state law. Sophomore students will have first opportunity to register for this course, with Freshman who are fifteen before the course begins being able to fill out the remaining seats. This course takes place during the regular school day. A $300 fee will be charged for the Behind the Wheel portion of this class.

P803 & P804 Health Education

Health Education is a required semester course that is offered at the sophomore level. The purpose of the course is to give students practical knowledge that will help keep them physically fit and mentally healthy throughout their lives. The units of study that make up the curriculum include the following: Traits of a healthy lifestyle; self-esteem; mental health; managing stress; preventing violence and abuse; nutrition; eating behaviors; alcohol; tobacco; illegal drugs; diseases and disorders; reproductive health; first aid and safety. The course content is designed to meet the needs of today’s students as they strive to live higher quality lives.

P825 Introduction to Sports Medicine

Prerequisites: None
Open to: 11, 12
.5 Credit

Introduction to Sports Medicine is designed to instruct students in the evaluation, prevention, immediate care, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. Lecture, discussion, practical lab assignments and observation hours will constitute the major components of the course. Students will be required to log 10 observation hours in the training room and/or at events. The passing of this course does not meet or replace the PE graduation requirement.