High School Attendance Policy

The normal school day consists of nine class periods, one of those periods being a lunch period. All regularly enrolled students will be in attendance during all peri¬ods of the day. State law dictates that students must attend school five clock hours (7 periods) per day unless administratively authorized otherwise. The most common cause of academic failure is absence. Students must attend all classes and study halls unless their absence is authorized.

Authorizing an Absence

On the day of the absence parents must call the Attendance Office @ 847-438-5162 by 10:00 a.m. The number is available 24 hours a day. E-mail is not an acceptable method for reporting absences. The following information must be given: parent or guardian’s name; student’s name; student ID; date of absence; reason for absence; and phone number where guardian may be reached. This procedure should be followed each day. If there is a prolonged illness one phone-call with specific dates will be sufficient. (If your student attends Tech Campus, you must notify them directly of any absences at (847) 543-6024.)
Absences not cleared within 24 hours will be unexcused and processed as such. Example: If a student is absent Monday, the parent has until 7:30 a.m. Tuesday to clear the absence. If the absence is not cleared, the student is considered unexcused and the appropriate behavior interventions and academic penalties will follow.

Authorized (Excused) Absence

An excused absence carries with it a privilege of making up academic work. The school administration, in accordance with Section 26-2A of the Illinois School Code, considers only the following circumstances to be valid causes for a stu¬dent’s absence:

  • Observance of a religious holiday
  • Illness/Doctor’s appointment with Doctor’s note
  • To attend a wake and/or funeral
  • Family emergency
  • Vacation
  • College Campus Visit
  • Circumstances that cause reasonable concern to the parent or guardian for the safety or health of the student
  • Other situations approved by the school board or their designee
  • Court Appearance
    If a student is more than 5 minutes late to class without an excused pass, they will be marked unexcused from that class.
    If a student is not in attendance he cannot be on school grounds for any reason during the school day or attend any school events in the evening.

In recognition of the fact that daily class participation is an important component of the learning process, a limit of ten absences from a class in one semester will be imposed. Students will be allowed to make up missed work for the first 10 excused absences. Any absences beyond ten, except for no counts (medical, court, funeral, field trip, nurse, dean and counseling offices), will result in no credit given for missed work on assignments and assessments on the day of the absence. Parents/Guardians will be informed by mail at the time of the student’s sixth excused absence from a class.


If a student becomes ill during the school day, he must report to the school nurse. In the event the nurse is not available, please report to the Main Office. Students who become ill and leave school without seeing the nurse will be marked unexcused for any classes which they miss.

Unexcused/Truancy Absences

An unexcused absence/truancy is defined as an absence without valid cause from any class or absence. Examples of unauthorized absences include but are not limited to the following:

  • Oversleeping
  • Missing the bus
  • Late from Senior opens
  • Traffic
  • Working
  • Leaving the building without authorization
  • Willfully and deliberately walking out of a class before dismissal
  • Willfully and deliberately not attending class(es)including scanning in to an alternate location
  • Other situations as determined by the Building Principal or his designee

Note: All assessments, assignments, and performance scores on the day of an unexcused absence will receive a zero. A student who is unexcused on the day before a test or assignment due date will be required to take the test or turn in the assignment on the date of his return.
Unexcused: The consequences for an unexcused absence are administered by the Dean’s office. However, these absences DO NOT count against the student in the “10 Day Excused Absence Policy”. Teachers are not required to accept make-up work.
If a student has received consequences for unexcused absences from the same class on multiple occasions, they are subject to a meeting with their parent and dean. The meeting will result in an attendance contract specifying expectations for behavior and performance in order to complete the course with a passing grade.

Classification of Absences

*According to Lake Zurich High School Policy, the following is meant to clarify absences. *
10 Day Excused Absence Policy: These absences count against the student in the 10 day absence policy: An excused absence carries with it a privilege of making up academic work. Students should be allowed one day to obtain assignments and one day for each day of absence. (e.g., if a student is absent four days, he will have five days to make up the assignment).
Excused-No Count: These absences DO NOT count against the student in the “10 Day Excused Absence Policy”. Students are allowed to make up work for these absences.

Reason Parent Needs to Call Excused Count Excused No-Count
Vacation / Out of town Yes X
College visit Yes X
Illness Yes X
Circumstances that cause reasonable concern
to the parent or guardian
Medical Appointment w/ Doctor Note Yes X
Hospitalization w/ Doctor Note Yes X
Observance of a religious holiday Yes X
Attendance at a wake or funeral Yes X
Court Appearance w/documentation Yes X
Other situations approved by the school board
or their designee
Yes X
In-School Suspension No X
Out-of-School Suspension No X
Dean’s Office No X
Counseling Office No X
Nurse’s Office No X
Field Trips No X

Emancipated Students

In the case whereby a student reaches the age of eighteen, is a resident of Lake Zurich, and is no longer living with or being supported by parents, he can apply for a change in status as a legally emancipated student. To apply, the student must provide school officials with:

  • a birth certificate verifying the age of the student
  • a written statement of the student’s self-supporting status
  • a notarized statement or legal document from the parents concerning the student’s self-supporting status

An emancipated student is responsible for contacting the Attendance Office when he has been absent from school for reasons specified in the Illinois School Code.

Homework Requests

Students who are absent three days or more may request homework by contacting the Student Services Assistant, 847-540-4117. Please be advised that teachers may need 24 hours to get the information to Student Services.

Senior Off-Campus Privileges

Students with senior status at LZHS have privileges granted to them by the school administration. One of those privileges is the ability to leave school during the day for their lunch or senior open. In order to be granted off-campus privileges, seniors must have an off-campus permission form approved and signed by their parents. A docu-mented list of seniors who have been granted off-campus privileges is maintained by the Dean’s Office. Special ID’s will be given to those seniors with off campus privileges. These ID’s must be shown when entering and leaving the building. Seniors who do not have off-campus privileges or those that forget their senior off-campus ID’s will not be allowed to leave the building during the school day. Administration and/or parents have the right to refuse/revoke off-campus privileges.
Juniors, sophomores and freshmen will not be eligible for off-campus privileges. If a student must leave the campus during the day, for other than off-campus privileges, permission must be obtained from a parent and granted by a school official. The student must receive an approved pass and sign out through the Health Office and/or the Attendance Office. The school reserves the right to require a parent to pick their student up. Failure to follow this procedure will result in an unexcused absence. All students must show their ID’s when they exit/enter the building.