District Mission Statement

The mission of Community Unity School District 95 is to empower every learner to achieve personal excellence.

Lake Zurich Community Unit School District #95

Members of the Board of Education
Mr. Scott McConnell, President
Mr. Doug Goldberg, Vice President
Mrs. Lisa Warren, Secretary
Mrs. Kathy Brown
Mr. Chris Ketcham
Mrs. Eileen Maloney
Mr. Marty Cupples


Dr. Kelley Gallt, Superintendent
Dr. Mary Zarr, Interim Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction
Dr. Linda Klobucher, Interim Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction
Dr. Susan Coleman, Assistant Superintendent of Special Education Services
Mrs. Vicky Cullinan, Assistant Superintendent of Business & Operations
Mrs. Julia Becich, Director of Human Resources
Mr. Phil Howard, Director of Technology and Research
Mrs. Stacie Noisey, Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Mrs. Jean Malek, Director of Communications & Community Relations

Lake Zurich High School


Mr. Bo Vossel, Principal
Ms. Ashley Weltler, Assistant Principal for Student Services
Mr. Ryan Rubenstein, Assistant Principal for Student Activities & Facilities
Mr. Matt Aiello, Dean of Students
Ms. Becca LaPorta, Dean of Students

Department Chairpersons

Ms. Julie Bryniczka, Math
Mr. Pete Nadler, Special Services
Mrs. Angela Fortune, Fine Arts & Business
Mr. Todd Gregory, PE/Health/Dr.Ed./FAC
Dr. Lauren Katzman, English
Mr. Steve Jeretina, Social Studies
Ms. McKenna Serowka, Science
Mrs. Gabriela Martin, World Language

Student Services

Ms. Laura Beata, School Counselor
Mrs. Jamie Cotton, School Counselor
Ms. Lindsay Puppolo, School Counselor
Mr. Carl Krause, College/Career Counselor
Ms. Ali Levato, School Counselor
Mrs. Natasha Rosenak, School Counselor
Ms. Leslie Thomas, School Counselor
Mrs. Barbara Belke, SAP Coordinator
Mrs. Julie Anderson, Social Worker
Ms. Kimberly Davis, Social Worker
Ms. Julie Rusniak, Social Worker
Mrs. Michelle Flack, Psychologist
Mr. Tim Dowling,Psychologist
Ms. Jennifer Hilger,Psychologist
Mrs. Rebecca Flannigan,Speech Therapist
Ms. Danielle Karp,Speech Therapist
Mrs. Joan Hyatt, Nurse
Mrs. Ann Rosenquist, Registrar