Counselors at Lake Zurich High School are here to assist the student with any academic, college, career or personal concern. A comprehensive developmental program is provided, which culminates in plans for college or other post-secondary school experiences.
Preparing for specific vocational or college interests requires careful planning of the students’ course of study. Beginning with the freshman year, a four-year plan is developed for each student with the assistance of his/her counselor. Programs and services that are offered by the counselors, social workers, school psychologist, and nurses include a variety of personal development programs, college representatives, Financial Aid Night, College Nights, SAT Prep-Classes, PSAT, ACT, and Advanced Placement testing. The College/Career Center (CCC) in the counseling office serves as a major resource to students. The CCC hosts visits from college representatives, offers printed college search and career materials, and provides access to the internet-based program Naviance. With this program, students can conduct interest inventories and college searches as well as access other college, career and financial aid information.

A-CRAM Ms. Puppolo
CRAN-HAN Ms. Levato
HAO-LENG Ms. Beata
LENH-OSI Ms. Thomas
OSJ-SMIT Mrs. Rosenak
SMIU – Z Mrs. Cotton
College/Career Counselor Mr. Krause

Lake Zurich High School operates on a semester basis. All courses offered are for either one or two semesters. A student will be awarded one-half (.5) unit of credit for each semester of work successfully completed. Any student enrolled in Lake Zurich High School may enroll in any course offered, if he/she meets the following qualifications:
1. REQUIRED COURSES: Courses required of all students as a graduation requirement are to be taken in the sequence established in the program of studies. A required course cannot be audited.
2. PREREQUISITES: Certain courses have prerequisites for student enrollment. These prerequisites are listed in the program of studies information.
3. MINIMUM ENROLLMENT: If a course does not have adequate enrollment, the course will not be offered for that specific semester. Students will be given the opportunity to choose another course to substitute for the one that was cancelled.
4. CLASS AVAILABILITY: Because of student enrollment patterns, not all courses will be offered each semester.