Art + Design Program Description

The Art + Design program at Lake Zurich High School is designed to prepare students for careers in Art + Design and for lives that are enriched and enhanced through a relationship with Art + Design.  Art + Design is an essential and vital part of modern life, touching on every industry and every part of our culture.  Students in Art + Design not only learn to make original artwork, but also develop the skills needed to understand, respond to, and connect to Art + Design that we see in the world every day.  

Careers in architecture, marketing, industrial design, education, fashion, entertainment, and many other areas are enhanced through an understanding of Art + Design.  

The Art + Design courses at Lake Zurich High School are organized into three areas of study emphasizing the skills needed to succeed in specific areas of interest.  You have a choice, you may pick a single track and follow it from beginning to end, or you can choose courses from different tracks to experience all the areas offered.  Every student’s needs are different, but the courses are designed to give you options to take a full 4-year course of study in Art + Design, no matter what your interests are.  The most successful and serious Art + Design students will strive to take a full 4-year program with an Art + Design class each semester.  The three tracks are: 2-D Drawing & Painting, 3-D Ceramics & Sculpture and Graphics & Photography. Art Survey and AP Art History are two courses available for continual study.

A104 Art + Design Survey

Prerequisites: None
Open to: 9, 10, 11, 12

Do you like art but aren’t sure where to start?  Do you want a sample of each of the areas offered in the Art program at LZHS?  Art + Design Survey is a course that gives you an introduction to 2-D (drawing and painting), 3-D (sculpture and ceramics), Digital Media and Photography, and Art History.  You will experience a little bit of everything in this course, and will begin to develop the skills and techniques that you will need for your future in Art + Design.  This course will help you to make good decisions about how you spend your four years in the program, and will ensure that you pick an area of study about which you are genuinely excited.  Art + Design Survey is an optional course outside of the three main tracks that provides students an opportunity to explore new media and increase their knowledge of the key skills and concepts.  Students who register for Art + Design Survey are encouraged to sign up for an additional Level-1 art class for the 2nd semester.