Each year a new master schedule is built to accommodate students’ course requests made during registration in January and February. Faculty members are employed, textbooks are purchased and rooms are assigned on the basis of these requests.

Core course placements can be viewed on Home Access the week of February 1, 2019. All final course selections can be viewed on Home Access the week of March 11, 2019. Final student schedules will be available the first week in August as part of the walk-in registration process.

Once the 2018-19 school year ends, schedule change requests must adhere to the following guidelines:


Students may add a class under the following conditions:
1. Initiated by student’s counselor due to not meeting prerequisites, balancing classes, graduation requirements, summer school, college admission requirements, IEP’s and errors in the student’s schedule.
2. Initiated by the department chair for reasons of academic placement based upon need and availability.


Students may withdraw from a course through the first progress report of the semester in which the course is being taken. Please note that in a full-year course students will have the first ten school days of the second semester to drop. Students who drop a class after this time will receive a grade of “WF” and have a failing grade included in their final grade point average. If a student takes a “WF” they will remain ineligible for the semester per IHSA requirements.


On occasion, students may need to change the level of the class in which they are enrolled. In order to do so, students must:
1. Student receives level change form from counselor. Counselor refers student to teacher.
2. Students requesting a level down change must demonstrate that they have completed all homework and sought additional help from their teacher and available resource centers.
3. Student will initiate level change discussion with teacher and parent.
4. Teacher will consult with Department Chair.
5. If request is approved student will return form to counselor with all signatures.
6. The student must remain in class until the level change is made by the counselor.

Level changes may occur before the first progress report is issued during each semester. The grade at the time of the change will accompany the student to the new course.


When a student withdraws from school or transfers to another school, he/she must secure a withdrawal form from the counseling office to present to the teachers. A parent or guardian must sign this form. Teachers will accept the return of educational materials, determine a grade to date, and sign the release form for the student. Upon completion of the withdrawal procedure, official records will be sent to the new school.