In versions from to, a number of bugs have been corrected, including:

1 – Incorrectly working “PP” function during a manual attack.
2 – Too frequent inquiries regarding session saving.
3 – Problems with connection to the activation server.

In version added:

1 – “Z” keyboard shortcut that activates the zoom on the charts of numbers, groups and series. In version, the keyboard shortcut has been changed to the “F2” button.

2- The attack, trailing stop, stop loss and target markers are now also visible when the chart zoom is active.

In version fixed:

1- Activation server error.

In version fixed:

1- Error appearing with the DPI detection of the monitor greater than 96. (You need to download the application again from From now on, monitors with a maximum DPI of 100 are supported.

2- The “Z” keyboard shortcut for zooming in the number, group and series charts has been changed to the “F2” button.

In version fixed:

1- A few minor bugs.

In version added:

1- Miniaturized “Attack” button in number windows. The button will appear after hiding the navigation panels with the keyboard shortcut “Tab”. This button allows you to manually attack numbers, groups and series without first turning on the entire navigation panel, thanks to which users who attack manually will have much better conditions for this, because from now on you do not have to turn on the entire navigation panel, which reduces the working area of a given graph and makes it difficult to assess the situation, especially on monitors with lower resolution. From version, the miniaturized “Attack” button is also available in the group and series windows. The changes also apply to the “MiniAgent” module.

In version fixed:

1- More bugs reported by users.

In version added:

1- Ability to move the graphs while holding the right mouse button. The change applies to all graphs of the platform,

2- Also fixed some bugs detected by users.

In version added:

1- Auto-Game module.

2- A newer look.

3- Additional alarms.

4- Ability to update table map points.

5- Many bugs have been fixed.

In version added:

Two new languages:

  • Italian
  • French

Fixed an AutoMat clock error that prevented the use of this module.

Many thanks to Marco from Italy for help!

In version changed:


1- Active trendlines for numbers, groups, series and main charts.

2- Parameter No. 3 in the “Modus Operandi” settings window that determines the speed of the mouse cursor while sliding the tiles with the left mouse button held down (technique No. 2 in the map creation process).

Fixed many bugs, most of which related to the new Auto-Game module.


  • From version 1.0.7 Parameter No. 2 in the module window “Modus Operandi” takes into account the sum of chips to bet and removed. If the sum of tokens is equal to or greater than the set parameter, the speed factor will change to express. To make the procedure faster, “AutoMat” will bet all chips without using the removal technique.
  • The “Start” button of the “AutoMat” module is now locked. The betting module now starts automatically.

In version, several bugs have been fixed and the installation system has changed:

Version fixed a serious bug in the licensing system. An error prevented the program from starting on some computers:

In version bugs were fixed and parameter added:

  • Section number 3 in the Auto-Play window. Thanks to this option, the program will be able to react faster to the change of the bet during the active Auto-Play.

In version bugs were fixed and:

  • In section 2 of the Mapper module, the option: Separated mapping of numeric fields has been added. This feature allows you to separate the process of indicating the center points and the identification points of the numeric fields. Thanks to this, it is now possible to map a roulette table whose numerical fields at the time of detecting the number have a different location than at the time when betting is possible.

  • In the AutoMat module section, a reset button has been added. It can be used during a Live session if for some reason the bet does not match the current state of numbers attacked on the Rouletronic platform. After pressing this button, the program will bet all chips again at the next possible opportunity. Auto-Play will also stop if it was active.

  • All mouse cursor speed factors in the ModusOperand window in the additional settings now range from 1 – 20 (was 1 – 10).
  • Parameter 2 has also been added, thanks to which we can now set the speed of the mouse cursor for moving around the numeric field, although the first hovering of the cursor on the numerical field will always be made at the speed of the general factor.
  • Parameter No. 11 has also changed. From now on, the delay applies to clicking buttons as well as tokens. The random delay from the selected range will now apply to actions before and after clicking a button or token, instead of just pre-clicking.

  • Added active strategy marker in number charts. The marker will be visible in the upper left corner of the chart of a given number during an active strategy, provided that it is different from a manual one.

  • Added active attacker marker for all charts. The marker will be visible in the upper left corner of each graph if the Auto function is active.
  • All number windows belonging to groups that are not attacked will no longer have blocked buttons for the duration of a spin during a Live session.

In version, more bugs were removed and added

  • From now on, the AutoMat betting module has the ability to bet from 1 to 4 chips on each of the number fields.
  • From now on, the manual is also available in PDF format, and not only from the server level as it was before.
Revision: 43


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