Section 1 – Choose when to start the Auto-Game action

In this section, we choose the moment when the Auto-Game actions will be run.

During the spin – if this option is selected, all possible Auto-Games actions will be performed during the spin, i.e. when it is no longer possible to bet.

While betting – if this option is selected, all Auto-Game actions will be performed while betting, which is when betting is allowed.

Section 2 – Break before starting the next Auto-Game
In this section, we have two choices:

  • Yes – this selection will cause a random pause in the launch of the next Auto-Game spins series, when the number of our spins in section 5 reaches zero. By the drawn number of spins, the program will click “repeat bets” (if the bet is the same) and only after deducting the random number of spins will restart the Auto-Game. The randomness range for this parameter can be found in section 4.
  • No – this choice will immediately trigger the start of the Auto-Game when the spin counter in section 5 reaches zero.

Section 3 – Does a change of bet automatically disable Autoplay?

  • Yes – this choice will cause the bet to be changed without the program disabling Auto-Play first, i.e. the roulette table we are playing on will automatically deactivate Auto-Play in the event of a change in the bet.
  • No – this choice will result in a change in the bet after the program disables Auto-Play, i.e. the roulette table we play on does not deactivate Auto-Play in the event of a change in the bet.

Section 4 – Specify a random amount of spins for Auto-Game
These two parameters determine the random number of Auto-Game spins.

Section 5 – Specify a random range of spins delaying Auto-Game activation
In this section, we define the randomness range for the spins delaying the launch of Auto-Game actions. Delay spins will be active even if in section 2 we have selected the option “No”, but only when there is a change in the bet. If, on the other hand, the bet is the same over several games, then the program will use the option selected in section 2.

Section 6 – Spins Counter
This section will show the randomly selected number of pending spins or active Auto-Game spins.

Section 7 – Delay Timers
Action delay timers may only run when Auto-Play actions are triggered during a spin (section #1). Timers have a one-second interval and allow you to delay the launch of an action by up to 9 seconds. The red fonts of the descriptions of clocks indicate that they are blocked. Here, as in the case of the “AutoMat” module, countdown sounds will be heard during the operation of the delay timers (if activated in the settings). If the timer is set for at least 3 seconds, you will hear 4 beeps before starting the Auto-Play procedure, otherwise you will hear one beep. It should be borne in mind that after hearing the final sound, the mouse cannot be operated anymore, because the control over the mouse cursor will be taken over by the Auto-Game module for the duration of the procedure.

Start button
Use this button to activate or deactivate the Auto-Game module. The light green color of the button means that the module is active. After synchronization, you will also see an activity indicator under the large Auto-Game icon. The button during the spin is deactivated, which means that you cannot turn off or turn on the Auto-Game module during the spin. This possibility will only appear during the betting process.

It is very important to check how it all works the first time you start Auto-Game. Does the program bet everything as planned, does it have the right amount of time, how does it react to turning off the Auto-Game marker, etc.? Additional parameters in the “Modus Operandi” module may also turn out to be important, such as:

1 – Mouse cursor movement speed factor

9 – Random delay before clicking (buttons)

10 – Random delay on click

11 – Human mouse movement simulation, only for number fields

All of these parameters are used in the work of the Auto-Play module.

  1. when the user disables Auto-Play while it is active.
  2. when Auto-Play is interrupted unexpectedly, e.g. by problems with the stability of the Internet network (disappearance of the Auto-Play marker, if it was indicated during map creation).
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