Step 1
Run the “Mapper” module and click the “Auto-Game Map” button.

Step 2
We click the number of the table for which we want to create the Auto-Game map. If the Auto-Game map for a given roulette table has been created before, the program will ask you “Should you replace the existing Auto-Game map?”.

Step 3
At this point, a window will appear with a choice of options and the number of clicks that will need to be specified.

Section 1 – The action that starts the Auto-Game
To start Auto-Play on a table by hand, you simply need to click on a few points at the right moment. We have to do the same with the Auto-Game module, showing him the individual places on the roulette table interface, which the program will click at the right moment. Typically, the action that starts Auto-Game looks like this:

1 – click on the Auto-Game menu

2 – click the number of Auto-Game spins

3 – click the “Start” Auto-Game button

So in this case the action to start Auto-Game consists of three clicks, so in the first section we select x3, so that the program will know from now on that it takes exactly the number of clicks to start Auto-Game.

Section 2 – The action to continue the Auto-Game Some roulette tables allow us to continue the Auto-Game without stopping it first. Here is an example that can be continued:

We chose 50 spins of Auto-Games. After having played 45 spins we have 5 left to finish the Auto-Game, but we do not want the game to be interrupted and for this purpose we want to bring the number of Auto-Game spins back to 50. If our roulette table has the option to continue the Auto-Game without stopping it, usually starting a continuing action looks like this:

1 – click the Auto-Game menu.

2 – we click the number of spins indicator at 50.

3 – we click the Auto-Game menu again to close it (if it didn’t close by itself).

Section 3 – Number of clicks to continue Auto-Game
If you choose to continue, you also need to provide the appropriate number of clicks for the Auto-Game continuation action. In this example, it is also three clicks.

Section 4 – Action to end the Auto-Game
For this action, you also need to specify the number of clicks that will allow the program to stop Auto-Game. In this example, we will use one click. Of course, this is just an example. You need to check with yourself how many clicks are needed to turn off AutoGame and possibly close the AutoGame menu.

Section 5 – Active Auto-Game Marker
The active AutoGame marker works similarly to the table map betting marker. This is a graphic dot (pixel) on the roulette table’s graphical interface that has a different color while the AutoGame is active. Thanks to this, the program will have data on whether the previously launched Auto-Game is still active. It may turn out that the Auto-Game connection has been interrupted due to a bad Internet connection and the program will not have access to this information if you do not select the Auto-Game activity marker. Serious errors in the operation of the program may then occur, so if it is possible to indicate the Auto-Game activity marker, it should be done.

Once we have selected all the options, we can close the Auto-Game parameters window and proceed to mapping. If any of the options has not been specified, we will be informed and the parameter window will reappear to select the correct values.

Step 4
Click the “Target” button

Step 5
Click the “Start” button

Above is a video showing the process of creating an Auto-Game map on a table without the possibility of continuation.

I will now describe each step taken in the instructional video.

1- We have placed a bet to be able to start the Auto-Game in order to check the number of clicks needed to run the Auto-Game. It took three clicks to start the Auto-Game. Note that when we clicked the “Start” button at the end of the action, the Auto-Games menu closed automatically, so we didn’t have to program an extra click for that to happen.

2- Then we checked how many clicks are needed to run the ending action of the Auto-Game. In this case, it only took one click. It also gave us the knowledge that on this table it is not possible to continue Auto-Game without first turning it off. So we know from now on that this is a table where we must point out that there is no possibility of continuing.

3- In the next step, click the “Auto-Games Map” button, select the table number, run the Auto-Games menu (so that you can see the points you want to select), and then click the “Target” and “Start” buttons.

4- We indicate in turn all the points that trigger the Auto-Game.

  • menu
  • number of spins
  • “Start” button

5- The next step is to select all points that initiate the end of the Auto-Game. In this case, it’s one click.

6- Then we indicate the position of the button “Undo bet”. It is necessary for the correct operation of the whole.

7- At the very end, we indicate the position of the active Auto-Game marker. As our Auto-Game was not active at the time of the screenshot, we had to close the last screenshot, place a bet, run the Auto-Game (so that the marker was visible) and redo the screenshot using the “Target” button. Now we will be able to correctly indicate the marker of the active AutoGame. Our marker is a black circle in the middle of which the number of remaining Auto-Game spins is displayed.

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