In the menu panel there are graphic icons, clicking on which we will start the functions:

“Open” – Click this icon to open previously saved training sessions or “Live” sessions. After clicking, the “Sessions” folder will open, in which there are two more folders “Live Sessions”, in which we save “Live” and “Workouts”, in which we save training sessions. We click on the folder we are interested in, then on the session we are interested in, then quickly double-click or click “open” with the left mouse button.

“Save” – use this icon to save the session. Depending on which session you are working with (training or “Live”), after clicking the “save” icon, you will be redirected to the appropriate folder, where you must give the saved session a name or select an existing one and overwrite it by clicking the left mouse button.

“Live Session” – with this icon we start the “Live” session mode, provided that we have created at least one roulette table map with the “Mapper” module in one of the casinos on the network. Otherwise, we will be informed that no map has been created yet and the platform will exit the “Live” session mode. The “Live” mode gives us the ability to “connect” to the “RNG- (based on a random number generator)” or “Live- (video streaming-video of real roulette from a real casino)” roulette, identify the drawn numbers, automatically set up chips, etc.

“Mini Agent” – with this icon we start the “Mini Agent” module, which is a miniaturized version of the platform and we can use it when we do not have a second monitor. The module gives us the ability to control the main chart, A and B series charts and groups 1-8. There is no way to control the graphs of numbers in the module, so you need to use one of the automated strategies to attack them. The module can only be run for “Live” sessions.

“Training” – with this icon we start a training session based on a file with the extension .std, which is a record of a “Live” or training session. The platform will use only the numbers saved in the file, instead of the “RNG” generator, which allows you to train in the same session many times, unlike the “RNG” generator, in which the numbers are generated randomly.

RNG training” – with this icon we start a training session based on the “RNG” random number generator. In the session, these numbers are generated by the computer.

To handle the basic elements of the training session, such as start, stop, pause and training pace, the “Training” section has been assigned, which can be found on the navigation panel of the main platform window. This section applies to both the session file based training sessions and the “RNG” random number generator.

“Game history” – with this icon we open the chart window, in which the main chart attack moments and their end are marked. Attacks are represented by green and their end by red. The window has a button (visible markers / invisible markers) that shows or hides the point values at which level the attack occurred or its end.

“Mapper” – use this icon to start the “Mapper” module, which is used to create maps of roulette tables. Thanks to it, we can automate our game very quickly and easily. After successfully creating a map of a given table “RNG” or “Live” – (video streaming) and clarifying the rest of the parameters in the module “Modus Operandi”, the platform will be able to accurately recognize the number of roulette to which the map relates, intelligently place and remove game chips, etc. The module cannot be started during the “Live” session.

“Help” – use this icon to open the platform’s manual in the default web browser – (an internet connection is required).

“Settings” – use this icon to open the basic platform settings window.

“License” – with this icon, we open a window with information about the key expiry date. The keys are generated on the basis of “Coordinated Universal Time”, so the activation end time may be different than at the user who purchased the activation key.

“Escape” – with this icon we start a message informing us that at any time during the session (especially “Live”), when the platform is betting our game tokens, we can use the button on the keyboard “Esc” in the event of an emergency. After clicking the “Esc” button on the keyboard, the platform immediately stops the work of “Monitor” and “AutoMat”, if they were active (“Live” session), and in the case of a training session, the platform pauses the training, after which a window is displayed informing us with a message and an alarm sound about the emergency stopping of the platform by the user. After clicking “ok” you can continue the session.

“Exit” – use this icon to start the platform closing procedure. If we are in an active session, we will be asked: “save the session?” otherwise, the platform will ask: “Are you sure you want to close the program?” So you can cancel or confirm the shutdown routine.

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