Green Modes are mainly SFX added on to patterns. These modes can be turned ON/OFF by using the same button to Enter this Mode.

This Mode has the following Flow:

1. From Standby Enter Green Mode
2. Once in Green Mode, Turn Mode On/Off Using same button to enter Mode ( fade button and Z Strobe and P button Sparkle Save Button Chase Delete Slot )
3. Select Option (Some modes like fade have only 4 options) and no settings
4. Select Settings using Arrow Keys or Numeric Key Pad
5. Press OK to Return back to Standby Mode, this also saves your selection

There are 4 GREEN MODES
Fade : Allows to control the intensity of the LED Strip. It does not have it’s own Display but simply changes the LED Brightness on the entire Hoop
Strobe : This mode controls how fast the pattern is read on the ZL Hoop. Patterns have up to 25 Rows by 25 Columns, Speed will control the Rows Read
Sparkle : This is where all the patterns are stored. There are 21 Groups, Each Group has around 50 plus Patterns.
Chase : Each pattern is a like a template, the Color Wheel Mode is used to color the Pattern depending on the wheel selected.

When these modes are turned OFF no Options/Settings & Preview are visible.
Notice: ON/OFF 3 LEDS indicator (White,White,White) = Mode is OFF, (White,Yellow,White) = Mode is ON and Options/Settings available
ZL Smart LED Hoop Green Modes

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