RED Modes are always ON or Active as they are required for the ZL Pandora to render the Pattern during the Shuffle Mode. Notice the 3 RED LEDS right after the 3 First MODE LEDS. They are Always ON.

The ZL Pandora uses a complex brightness system in the background but for the User you have 4 Options from Low to High. LED brightness is controlled at every pixel and at every layer of the pattern, this is happening automatically and all you have to do is setup the overall hoop brightness.

The Pattern Vault Mode is where all the Patterns reside. The ZL Pandora has 27 Groups or Folders, each Group/Folder has multiple patterns. To make it easier to get to the different Groups the hoop
Displays 10 Groups at a time by organizing the user display into Set 1,2,3. Set 1 shows Groups 1 to 10, Set 2 Shows Groups 11-20 and Set 3 Shows 21 to 27. To change Sets or Options use the same button
once in the group Pattern Vault. To Change the Groups use Up/Down Arrow, to change Patterns within Group use Left/Right Arrow.
Note: That when you Selected a Group you have also Selected a Pattern, this again happens automatically.

The Color Wheel Mode allows you to select the types of Colors you wish to render in your Smart Patterns. Patterns on the ZL Hoops are like templates, you then choose Colors to use and once the Hoops enters shuffle Mode it converts or renders the patterns using all the setup configurations you have chosen. Each Color Wheel Option on the ZL Pandora has various different functionality that is set automatically by the flow engine during render time. More on this in the Color Wheel Mode Section.

The Offset Mode allows you to control how many times to display the pattern on the ZL Hoop. This is a functionality that does not exist are regular smart hoops as they render images from a flat file. By default and as all hoops work the pattern repeats across the hoop. Example if a pattern is 20 pixels wide it will then repeat itself at every 20 pixels on the hoop. The Offset mode allows you to configure the pattern to skip the next 20 pixels or more leaving those LEDS turned OFF or you can choose to color in the empty spaces. This creates different effects depending on the patterns being used.

This MODE has OPTIONS and each option has additional SETTINGS.
Example 1: Color Wheel MODE -> Option 3: Rainbow Wheel -> Has 4 Settings and allows you to choose 1 of 4 Hues by using the Left/Right Arrows
Example 2: Pattern Vault MODE -> Option 1: Pattern Groups from 1-10 -> Has 10 Settings allowing you to choose the Pattern Group to use, once again use Arrows this time Up/Down
Example 3: Offset MODE -> Option 4: Offset Pattern Number of Times -> Has up to 10 Settings from showing the pattern 1 Time on hoop or up to 10 times use Arrows left/right

The Selection Preview always shows you what is currently selected and in some modes is animated or provides visual cue’s like in the Offset mode where you can see the actual offset and fill in color changing.

There are 4 Red Modes – See Bellow on Pictures the User Feedback Display when in chosen Mode

ZLP Red Brightness Button Brightness Setting From 1 to 4 User Selection can be seen on the Home Mode

ZL Red Pattern Vault Button Pattern Vault is where you select your Pattern Group, Each Group has multiple Patterns
ZL Pandora Smart LED hoop

ZL Red Color Wheel Button Color Wheel allows you to setup colors for your Smart Patterns

ZL Red Pattern Vault Button Offset is used at the hoop level to display the pattern continuously or only a certain number of times leaving LEDS off between patterns

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