ZL Red Color Wheel Button To change Options use the Color Wheel Button
Each Option in the Color Wheel has many Settings except for Option 2.

Option 1: Use Single Color Wheel (1st Led Red out of 4)
Option 2: Use All 9 Color Wheels (2nd Led Red out of 4)
Option 3: Use Rainbow Color Wheel (3rd Led Red out of 4)
Option 4: Use Single Color (4th Led Red out of 4)

The ZL Pandora uses the different colors to render the Smart Patterns during the shuffle mode. Each pattern is composed of up to 9 Colors and some patterns have static colors. The Rainbow Wheels Options 3 and Single Color convert the entire Hoop and Patterns into the selected Color.

Color Wheel Slots (9) and indicated on the screen in blue. Your Selection is indicated by a yellow LED. You can load up to 9 Color Wheels at the same time. The ZL Pandora has another 104 Color Wheels in Memory. By using option 3 to shift the Hue (4) Settings this creates up to 416 different color wheels.

Option 2 uses all 9 Color Wheels at the same time. You will see LED selection turn slightly Blue Light. In this case here it does not matter where your selection is as the hoop will cycle through all the color wheels.

Option 3 turns all the patterns into Rainbows, further you can use arrows left/right to change the hue, there are 4 different hue’s to select from and a visual feedback is provided in selection preview.

Option 4 allows you to select a single color and this will transform the entire hoop into the selected color. It also uses the Hue Setting. So if you have selected Hue number 3 vs number 1 you will get a different RED or Blue or any other Color. But here behind the scenes the ZL Flow Engine does another trick to the patterns and slightly offsets the 9 colors within the pattern so you can still see the pattern in the selected color but you can also see shades of the same color.

Option 1: Using Single Selected Color Wheel

To select a different Color Wheel Slot use the Numeric Keypad. To Load a different Color Wheel into the Selected Slot use Arrow Keys and watch the User Preview as the Color Wheels Change.

Option 3: Rainbow Mode & Hue Setup

This option if selected transforms all the patterns into rainbows. You can select up to 4 different rainbow hues. This also acts as a double function to shift the color hue on the entire hoop for all the other options.
Example: when Hue setting 3 is selected this will affect Option 1,2 and 4 and color wheels or single selected colors will use Hue Option 3 to Render Patterns.

Option 4: Single Selected Color

This Option allows you to select a single color that then converts the entire hoop/patterns into the selected color. You will also notice that if selecting a Color position 1 is the pure or primary color while the next 8 positions are slightly offset giving you yet another level of hue’s within the same color.

This Mode is turned on or off in the Home Mode Screen using the Arrow Down.
If this Mode is on it will randomly cycle through Option 1 through 3, switching the Hue and Starting the Hoop in different Play Sequences from 1 through 9. So if you want to remain in your Selected Mode make sure to turn off the Smart Mode CW.

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