Welcome to Optimum TotalHold™, the most powerful legal hold management solution for your unique needs and evolving requirements.

Optimum TotalHold is based on the Optimum platform, and offers powerful legal hold functionalities to corporations, giving them more control over the legal hold management, tracking and execution.

Vertical Discovery’s Optimum is a revolutionary new approach to eDiscovery that brings together robotic process automation and sophisticated artificial intelligence. Optimum is an intelligent application that automates and consolidates every mission critical eDiscovery task, workflow plan and quality check into a single streamlined system. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, it seamlessly integrates with leading eDiscovery software platforms to deliver efficiencies (eliminates manual intervention) and peace of mind (complete audit trails to maximize defensibility) to simplify workflow and drive bottom-line results.

eDiscovery professionals can now leverage the power and scale of leading eDiscovery applications across the entire eDiscovery life cycle, under one platform.

Optimum TotalHold Features

• Fully integrated with HR system for easy identification and adding employees as custodian
• Send Legal Hold Notices with built-in questionnaires
• Track acknowledgements and legal hold enforcements in real-time
• Leverage and reuse customizable templates with multi-lingual support
• Effortlessly set up reminders and escalations
• Effortlessly share updates with stakeholders including IT and HR
• Include legal hold notices in stealth mode for sensitive investigations
• Manage non-custodial legal holds like company directors
• Include custodian interviews and store disclosed documents
• Efficient integration with Asset Management
• Integrate with more than 42 types of enterprise and cloud data sources
• Role-based segregation for legal hold and collection management
• Handle sensitive investigations through controlled communication


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