1. The job opening-specific CBI evaluation page displays a job opening header as well as candidate cards.
  2. The header shows the following details: job opening number, posting title, grade, department and duty station.
  3. The candidate cards show candidates in Screen with Roster (SR), Shortlist (S), Recommended (R) and
    Not Recommended (NR) status. Disposition filters are available in the right-hand top corner. Each candidate card displays the applicant ID, name, gender, years of experience and current disposition through a coloured icon.
  4. Interview templates for panel members can be generated through this page:
    1. Click the Add JO Specific Questions link which
    2. opens a window listing all competencies included in the evaluation criteria/job opening.
    3. Type in the proposed job opening specific interview questions for each competency, including probing questions if desired,
    4. and click the Save button, which also exits this window. The questions can be updated and saved again any time before the interviews start.
      Steps (a) to (d) are optional as interview templates may be generated without any pre-entered questions. However, adding the questions helps to ensure that candidates are asked the same questions.
    5. Open the Generate Offline generic CBI template link (without candidate name) or
      the Generate Offline applicant’s CBI template link inside the respective candidate cards (with candidate name) to generate forms for download and use by panel members for manual interview records.

      Click image to open expanded view
  5. The interview templates will list the questions (if added), the indicators for each competency and space for ratings, and an area for notes. A set of forms for each candidate should be provided to each panel member. Panel members take notes on interview worksheets (print outs or word documents) generated by this tool or use the online evaluation template option. If panel members use the online options, the HM will have access to these reports through the system.

Last modified: 1 August 2023