1. The CBI evaluation tool can be accessed through Main Menu (top right of inspira home page) > Recruiting > Competency Based Interview.
  2. All open job openings associated to a hiring manager or recruiter, with at least one candidate in either Screen (Roster), Shortlist, Recommended or Not Recommended disposition, are presented on this page as job opening cards.
  3. Job opening cards are displayed in descending order of job opening number.
  4. A maximum of 20 job opening cards are displayed. To find a specific job opening which may not be listed on this landing page, it is possible to type a keyword or a job opening number in the Search field.

    Click image to open expanded view
  5. Each job opening card shows the job opening number, posting title, grade, department and duty station. The card also displays the number of candidates per disposition: Screen (Roster), Shortlist, Recommended or
    Not Recommended.
  6. The CBI evaluation page for a specific job opening can be opened by clicking on the selected job opening card.
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Last modified: 1 August 2023