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  1. Based on the calculated ratings for each competency, the tool proposes an overall rating for the outcome of the candidate’s interview (Overall Rating) and the resulting final disposition (Status). Then, the hiring manager clicks on the arrow to populate the overall interview rating and the overall interview status.
  2. A field for Overall comments is also available. These comments are optional.
  3. For candidates who declined to attend the assessment, who gave no response to the interview invitation or who were disqualified, a final assessment record can also be recorded by changing their status disposition to
    Not recommended. For such cases, the hiring manager does not rate the indicator competencies.
    The Overall Rating should be manually changed to Not Applicable and an appropriate status reason must be chosen (Declined to attend assessment, Disqualified or No response to invitation). Alternatively, the hiring manager can also change the disposition of such candidates by using the legacy tool, as described above in Tip 8.3
  4. If the hiring manager believes that exceptional circumstances necessitate changing the Overall Rating and Status suggested by the system, s/he should first discuss this with the recruiter and must record a written justification in the overall comments.
  5. Clicking the Finalize button results in recording the overall rating and updates the candidates’ dispositions in inspira to Recommended or Not recommended.
  6. Finalizing the assessment records generates the Comparative Analysis Report accessible through the Reports tab in the job opening landing page, which will be reviewed by the recruiter and the
    Central Review Bodies (CRB) to facilitate the endorsement of the recommended list.
  7. The assessment records can be modified later if needed. To do so, the hiring manager goes back to the relevant candidate card, selects the links evaluation(s) available and View Evaluation and amends the record. Then, he or she clicks on the Re-Finalize button to record the modifications which are tracked by the system.


Last modified: 1 August 2023