1. At the bottom of the job opening landing page, click on the Change Dispositions menu and then on
    Change Dispositions and record ratings.

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  2. Select the current disposition of applicants that will be further evaluated. For the initial review of applications, choose Screen. If the hiring managers already have a long list and need to review applicants to determine the short list, choose Long list. Then, click Search.

    Giving individual ratings for each area
  3. A preliminary evaluation pop-up screen with a list of applicants of the chosen disposition will appear. By clicking the box in the relevant column, hiring managers may give unsatisfactory rating for each area of academics, experience or language. This symbol represents unsatisfactory rating.

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  4. Applicants who do not pass the GGST or do not meet the local recruitment principle should be given an unsatisfactory rating under Test and comments should be added.

    Change disposition
  5. Once individual ratings have been given for academics, experience or language, hiring managers may change the disposition by clicking in the box under the Mark Disposition column.

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  6. A pop-up screen will open. Choose the icon reflecting the appropriate disposition. The pop-up will close, and the chosen icon will reflect in the Mark Disposition column.
  7. To return to the applicant list without choosing an icon, click Return at the bottom or the X button at the top right corner of the pop-up screen.

    Entering ratings, comments or dispositions in bulk
  8. Check the applicants in the Select column on the left side of the table.
  9. Click the Group Action for menu at the bottom of the page.
  10. Select the area to change in bulk, among Comment, Mark Dispositions, Academic, Experience, Language or Test. The Values menu will change depending on the group action of choice.
  11. Enter comments, if the chosen group action is Comments. Otherwise, choose the appropriate value from the dropdown menu.
  12. Click on GO. The page should reflect the changes for all checked candidates.

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    Saving preliminary evaluation results
  13. Once the individual ratings, comments and relevant icons for disposition are given, click
    Save Preliminary Evaluations. Ensure that the Select column boxes are ticked for the applicants that the hiring managers have reviewed.
  14. The system will validate that unsatisfactory ratings are given to the applicants who were marked as Not Suitable. Any errors will be highlighted in red and will prompt the user for correction. When no errors are found, the applicants’ dispositions will change in the Disposition column.

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  15. Click Return to Previous Page to go back to the job opening landing page. The new dispositions will be reflected for each applicant in this page.


Last modified: 1 August 2023