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  1. To access the analytics dashboard from the Candidate Summary page, click the View Analytics icon in the right-hand corner of the header.
  2. The page that opens shows the overall size, gender and geographical distribution of candidates according to disposition status.
  3. Sliders to filter the distribution of candidates according to gender and geographical distribution per disposition can be switched on or off. The page will be refreshed immediately.
  4. Hovering over each highlighted country on the map shows the number of candidates per nationality according to filtered disposition.
  5. Clicking Return to Previous Page closes the dashboard.
  6. In the event that the hiring manager considers that the number of candidates in the shortlist is too small or not balanced in terms of gender and geography, he or she may consider either reducing the number of invoked desirable criteria or invoking different desirable criteria.
  7. If the hiring manager changes the definition of short list (e.g. by applying fewer desirable criteria), s/he should
    re-evaluate all candidates who meet the minimum requirements against the new set of invoked desirable criteria.


Last modified: 1 August 2023