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  1. For each candidate, the hiring manager should click on the candidate card and review the candidate summary and PHP against the required and invoked desirable education, work experience and language criteria as listed in the job opening as well as the eliminatory and non-eliminatory custom questions in the JFQ, if any, to decide on the appropriate disposition. The hiring manager must give full and fair consideration to each candidate and therefore must review the complete documentation provided by the candidate, including the PHP, before making a final decision on a candidate’s disposition.
  2. As soon as the hiring manager clicks on a disposition button for a candidate, a coloured icon will be displayed on the left-hand side of the candidate’s card indicating the assigned disposition (red = Not Suitable, yellow = Long List, green = Short List). The coloured disposition icon will also be displayed in the top left corner of the candidate summary section. Candidates without an icon are still in Screen status and their profile is pending evaluation.
  3. Disposition sliders can be switched on or off to filter candidates according to their disposition.
  4. If desired, the hiring manager may use a separate Excel table to record notes about their decisions.

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Last modified: 14 September 2023