1. As already highlighted in Evaluation Criteria above, the hiring manager may directly enter the translated
    Job-Fit Questionnaire and criteria through the JFQ Translation functionality during the job opening building stage.
    In addition, the process below describes how the recruiter coordinates the translation of the job posting outside of inspira and upload the translated text into the job opening.
  2. In the job opening page, click on Details > Approvals.
  3. Scroll down to the Job Opening’s Approval Process section.
  4. Click on the insert icon, shown as a small cross, located after the Pending Multiple Approvers box.

    Click image to open expanded view
  5. On the Insert additional approver or reviewer page, complete the following:

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    1. User ID: Click on the search icon and search for the recruiter.
    2. Insert as: Select Reviewer (recommended option). A reviewer can only review the job opening information.
  6. Click on Insert. The selected recruiter will be added to the workflow.
  7. Once finished, click on Save at the top or bottom of the page to save the entries. If the entries are not saved, the job opening will not be routed to the next reviewer/approver.
  8. Click on Approve.
  9. The recruiters should request for translation outside of the inspira system.
  10. Once the translation is completed, to upload the translation, in the job opening, click on Details > Job Postings.
  11. Tick the box under Switch to French in the English page or Changer de langue in the French page. Click Save.

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  12. Click on the Job Posting title. This should prompt the job posting details of the alternative language.
  13. Copy and paste the translation into the applicable fields. The recruiter will need to delete or modify auto-populated text as appropriate.
  14. After the relevant fields of the job posting have been populated, click OK.


Last modified: 13 May 2023