1. Click on the Job Postings section at the top of page.
  2. Click on the existing job posting or Add Job Posting.
  3. In Posting Title, choose between maintaining the default job code title and making a minor change (the change should reflect the job title used in Umoja or in the classified job description). Use initial capitalization for the first word of each word (e.g. Human Rights Officer).
  4. For each mandatory item to complete in the Job Descriptions section (i.e. Org. Setting and Reporting, Responsibilities, Competencies, Education, Work Experience, Languages, Assessment), leave the Visibility dropdown menu defaulted to Internal and External.
  5. Description ID may be left blank. If the hiring manager selects one of the options under the Description ID, it will populate the field with a generic default text.
  6. In the text box for each item of the job description, enter the language to be used in the job posting. If a generic job profile or approved job opening is being used, some of the texts will be populated. For a consolidated list of standard clauses, click on the link at the top of the Job Postings page.
  7. If there is no text box for each of Assessment and Special Notice, add them by clicking on Add Posting Description. Select Assessment and Special Notice from the drop down for Description Type. In the Description ID dropdown menu, choose the applicable language.

    Click image to open expanded view
  8. Click Preview, review the job posting and click Return to Previous Page.
  9. Click OK, and on the next page, click on Save.
  10. Once the Job Details and Evaluation Criteria sections are completed, click on Submit.


Last modified: 13 May 2023